October 28, 2014

Q & A with Boutique Du Skate's, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin

Dino decks on the their easterly migration landing at shops in time for the official kick off to the DWD sales season this coming weekend, November 1st! They just arrived at Boutique Du Skate the other day. You may or may not have heard of the shop, yet... but you definitely know one of the new owners. We had a chance to catch up with professional snowboarder and shop owner, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, and pick his brain about this recent addition to his life.


Laurent/Boutique Du Skate Q&A

DWD - - What's the name of the shop, where is it located?

LNP - The Name is BOUTIQUE DU SKATE, it's in Quebec city on 3rd avenu in Limoilou. It's about 5-10 minutes from downtown.

DWD - How did you get involved with the shop?

LNP - I've been snowboarding for a job for 8 years now, quit school kinda early. I'm 28 years old and I've always wonder whats was I gonna do after snowboarding. My good friends Stephan had the shop before and one night he told me his partners were over it. So I told him I was in. We got our other Friend Phil and we bought the shop.

DWD - It seams like there's a lot of different types of snowboard shops these days, where does Boutique Du Skate fall in todays world of shops?

LNP - Core one for sure, we only have one store, 3 skaters/snowboarders are owning it. We order only the core brand cause we know that is the brand that helps the sports. Skateboardin and snowboarding are getting eat up by big ass brands that just want the cash.

DWD - Why are shops like Boutique Du Skate important to the future of skateboarding and snowboarding?

LNP - Because we give back to the scene. We help little brands and we put our money back into skateboarding and snowboarding. Everytime a kids come in a buy something I tell myself that I'm helping him understand what skate and snow are really like. Fun and Bros are what we always like in those sports and no one can take it from us. Not energy drink contest or Xgames bullshit.

DWD - If Boutique Du Skate had a modo to represent itself, what would that be?

LNP - By Skaters for Skaters. Thats our moto. When ever you buy something you get it from someone who does skate and snowboard, so the thing we tell you is not fake bullshit just to make some cash. We figure out what you need and give it to know, cause we know how to skate and snowboard. Can't get help from someone who doesn't ride.


Support you local shop and snowboard scene.

October 20, 2014

RAT TALES #12: Gabriele Strangolini

Viva Italia... Viva Rats!

DWD_Italy_winter_edit from Dolly's House crew on Vimeo.

... if you have any street or backcountry clips and want to submit them for this seasons RATS edit, read the details below.

1. Pick your best clips of you from the 13/14 season riding a DWD snowboard.

2. Send them to us via wetransfer.com as .mov files compressed in a zip file to rats@dinosaurswilldie.com

3. Make sure to include the filmer name for the credits as well as your name, email and mailing address.

4. If you and your friends are all submitting footy, Please submit all riders in separate wetransfers to avoid any confusion.

5. Submission deadline is Oct.25

Submit now.
The PLAGUE is coming...

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