June 24, 2016

Pack 'em in! It's the weekend and there's still snow clingin' to a few mountains out there! #Rats 'n #RoadTrips #Henevan

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June 23, 2016

They're back!  This summers D.I.R.T. races kicked off yesterday at @HighCascade, with some quick campers, and some staff lookin’ to settle some scores from last summer.  In the end, 3 campers where the fastest! Special shout out to Shane Terracciano who was the first to welcome @CobraDogs to the event by getting inverted out of #CobraCorner on the very first run! On the staff side, it’s lookin’ like the crew needs to pick up their socks or boss man, C-Mac, is gonna take the overall win at the end of the summer. RESULTS DIRT race results - HCSC session 1 CAMPERS 1st - Sebastien Calvo - 18:27 2nd - Will Distefano - 18:87 3rd - Bear Brooks - 19:22 STAFF infection 1st - Logan Beaulieu - 15:93 2nd - Boody - 16:25 3rd - C-Mac - 16:52 SWITCH race 1st - C-Mac - 17:84 2nd - Drunk Dave - 17:94 3rd - Jay Rad - 18:00 --------------------- FULL RESULTS CAMPERS Shane Terracciano 24:71 DQ 33:36 DQ Hazel Predtzlski  21:12 20:82 Kail Pellicane 22:89 21:37 Bo Brooks 24:93 DQ 19:36 Braden Calehuff 23:61 23:26 Bear Brooks 19:27 19:22 Sebastien Calvo 18:27 18:97 Will Distefano 18:87 19:46 Matt Robins 19:36 23:41 Christian Boylan 21:17 19:87 Sky Mitchell  23:24 23:59 Joann Hunt 24:06 Oliver Bellend  19:47 STAFF Adam 17:52 18:12 switch Nirvana 18:55 Boody  16:25 18:12 Switch C-Mac 16:52 17:84 switch Jay Rad 17:04 18:00 switch Drunk Dave 16:92 17:94 switch Davester 16:76 19:36 switch Vermin 18:50 37:23 switch Corndog  17:45 18:67 switch Amanda 17:53 20:57 switch Logan Beaulieu 15:93 22:57 switch

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June 21, 2016

Pre-order the newest addition to the Wizard Skate collection, then get out there and enjoy GO SKATE DAY!  We have limited quantities on the way, so get ‘em at http://ift.tt/1jfxlBa, while they last. Art by @EthanWAnderson #WizardSkate #GoSkateDay

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Late season test flight on the #BrewsterBoard with stunt pilot @BNeri. Photo: @King_Of_The_Rats @SquawAlpine

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June 20, 2016

Earlier today, on the side of a volcano in Oregon. 🌋 Nose wheelie 180 by @Mitch_Stfg 😎 @highcascade Photo: @LouieArrigoni

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June 19, 2016

@SleeezyB is “head over heals”, for that new #BrewsterBoard.  #PunIntended #DadHumor #HappyDadDay! Cleptogram: @TurdWilson

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June 18, 2016

That new Brew got pop too! @TJKoskela twistin' a perfect method on the #BrewsterBoard. 😍 Photo: @wtaylorcox

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2017 sneak leek? #BrewsterBoard. 😁👍🏻

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June 16, 2016

Maybe you got a new board... maybe some bindings... maybe you’re slappin’ on a new sticker job... maybe you’re on your way to @HighCascade... 😬... Maybe we’ll see you there!!! 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻 Please direct all stickering technique enquiries to @Lucas_Ouellette

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June 14, 2016

Old balls, new tricks! OG, @DCashen aka Ol'dirty Cashen supports Dino, so when you need a new skate to kick around on this summer, try out one of his! @OldBallsSkateboardCo. #SupportTheHomies

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