February 20, 2013


Scott and Larson feelin' right at home, away from home, in this Brighton park edit.

Bit of love in the main stream. GQ with a snowboard shout out, including the #KWON, with art by @jesserobinsonwilliams

February 18, 2013


To accompany the launch of the DWD down'unda crew being on the gram, check this edit that Tomo and the BHCG crew dropped while at Big Bear recently.

The homies in Oz is on the 'gram. Tap 'n follow. @dinosaurs_will_die_downunder

February 17, 2013

Richie's first photo in a mag! Congrats homie! @richieconklin @activerideshop @snowboardcolorado


A few RATolescents puttin down this mellow edit for your Sunday evening.
Sit back 'n relax.

February 13, 2013

February 09, 2013

Nollies over chains 'n shit. Think Thank #BRAINDEADheartattack teaser online meow at www.snowboardermag.com

Shawk Rat

You want powder 'n pillows? Shawk's got you covered. What is a Shawk you ask? well, that's a Shit Hawk... then if you add a Dino board under the feet, you have a Shit Rat Hawk. Imagine that spirit beast! Bow down!

February 08, 2013

Product testing EDIT

Not a spec of mold on this edit. Fresh out the gate, some product testing this week at the SIA On Snow demo at Winter Park in CO, with Larson and Geno.
Caught 'n edited by Goss.

February 06, 2013

@shrd testin' how DWD's handle a Stalefish at Winter Park during the #SIA #OnSnow demo

Straight 90's boardin'. Geno droppin' a shoulder for the frontside rodeo during the SIA OnSnow demo at Winter Park, CO. @seangenovese

We interrupt this feed clog to inform you that the new @think_thank teaser is online at www.snowboardermag.comtonight at midnight! be there. #BRAINDEADheartattack #ClogTheFeed

The kid with the golden fleece gives Winter Park a lesson on how to back 9 the 13/14 RAT. @darklawg

Little game of 'Just The Tip' with the 13/14 Kwon.

This guy! @darklawg #ParkJock

... And this is what happens when the red coats fuck up your day job. #BenDigi aka #BenLynch on clean up duty after a reallllll nice full speed rope hoppin' good time.

Hoppin fences at the #SIAonSNOWdemo. Larson @darklawg one of only a few not losing his pass for it. Gotta watch out for those red coats!

February 05, 2013

Get 'em.

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