September 30, 2010

caught up...

with Dino rep, Lee Pace.


September 29, 2010

Feeders coverage

Snowboarder mag did a recap of the Feeders contest from a couple weeks ago in Auburn, Washington. have a look *HERE*. and a round of hi fives for Snowboy again on a job well done. Next up, the DownTown ThrowDown. it's sure to impress.

Good friends of DWD, Scott Stevens and Ben Bilocq being judgmental with Sean. (to talk in 3rd person, or to not... that is the question... that Sean doesnt care to deal with right now).
yosh photo.

September 28, 2010

Achieve your potential

September 27, 2010


Mike Yoshida has a new website up *CLICK HERE*. and *CLICK HERE* to go to his blog and check out some shots he took on a recent trip to Chili.

September 25, 2010

saturday after NEXT saturday.

if you're in seattle come check it out. see you there.

September 24, 2010

a day in the summer of the life of Lucas

Click it.

word on the street

word is out, snow flakes have been spotted around.
keep busy, with some new vids, go shopping for a new Dinosaurs Will Die board and some T's n' hoodies.

it'll be here soon.

September 23, 2010


Sometimes we get stuff and it sits on the desktop for a while and then when we re-find it, it's like finding treasure. Also like when you pick your nose and get a boog.

These are from Sean Hoglin.


Sean figured out how to be awesome at a young age.

... and quickly figured out how to become awesomer, aka, 'more awesome' for those who give a shit.

September 22, 2010

We win shit.


September 20, 2010

much ado...

about dinosaurs.... kind of... not really... maybe a little.


September 17, 2010

Mike Mo

before we get this started... if you're in seattle tonight go check out the Think Thank premier at the king cat theater. find all the info over at the Think Thank site.
yesterday you heard from Hupp... now for the other half of the story. Mike Mo got these answers back to us in record time, so we can wrap up this bear cub week with this interview.

keep an eye on bear cubs and club boya.

full name. first, middle, last... go.

Michael Morgan

you film right? what kind of equipment is making it happen?

yeah, right now i'm using a panasonic hpx 170

where did the idea of Bear Cubs come from?

sitting on a chairlift making fun of blog names

heard you're over Bear Cubs. true?... why?

not completely over it, I was just never into the name after it caught on, it was just supposed to be a joke, then I went to hood and for the first month I didn't have a good internet connection so I just didn't post anything. After hood I moved to slc and decided to make a house blog

what made you and Hupp start Bear Cubbin?

we would just always make videos and we wanted somewhere to post them other than myspace etc.

where you at these days? why there?

I live in SLC now, I'd been living in Alaska for almost 10 years and it was time to move, its isolated and expensive to travel out of. I don't like mountain towns, salt lake is good because its still a city and the mountains are close, I also feel like its a good spot to be if you want to film snowboarding.

if you could be responsible for single handedly filming any one snowboard video part in history, which one would it be?

I'm not really sure about one single part, but I don't think I would be filming if it wasn't for the Neoproto and kidsknow videos.

what made you migrate to Mt.Hood this summer?

The summer before I worked six days a week driving a flat bed truck, and this summer I just wanted to be able to keep filming.

what was good and what was bad about this endless winter you guys spent in the mountains?

The good part was getting to meet a bunch of new people and getting to keep filming, the bad part being in cold weather for the summer.

what motivates you as a filmer these days?

Just trying to film shots the way that they should be filmed, seeing new people come up, going to new places.

check out this video at about the 2:35 mark. golden.

moose knuckles and FFC's from Michael Morgan on Vimeo.

September 16, 2010

what's Hupp interview

full name... middle included.
brendon lee hupp

how did the idea of starting the bear cubbin' blog come about and who's all involved?
uh one night at hill top mike mo our friend daron and i were all sitting on the chair lift talking about how cool bear mt. was and then mike started saying bear cubs for some reason and we went with it. now mike hates the name and has quit the blog haha

where's home base for you?
anchorage, alaska

you guys have made a couple vids now haven't you?
yup, just put out our third video but no one has seen the first one haha

your fresh out of high school right? seams like not many kids are motivated enough at that age to have 2 videos under their belt. do you think there's something wrong with you?
haha i hope there isnt anything wrong with me there just isnt alot to do in alaska during the winter so we found something we enjoyed to do and stuck with it.

what made you guys up root and head to hood for the summer? not going to lie, you were kind of laggin' on those posts when you where there. it must have been pretty boring... or REALLY damn fun.
i think we both needed a change and hood provided us with that but yes i did blow it on the whole blogging thing down there but i was stealing internet from some condos across the street and it was super slow so i couldnt post anything.

we caught up with you at hood for a couple days... what's the deal with the full face mask? you got somethin' to hide?
i dont think so i just really dont like sun block.

does 'the laugh' run in the Hupp family?
uh my mother kind of laughs like me...

anchorage was a pretty busy joint this season. do you guys have some hidden spots that didnt get hit this season that you're eye'in up for this year?
maybe a few.

what's next for Bear Cub's?
we are planning on making another movie. everyone seems really motivated right now with the movie just coming so hopefully that will push us to get some better stuff this coming winter.

September 15, 2010

Bloggin since bin bloggin'

another entry in the 'Bloggin' since bin bloggin' posts.

if you read yesterdays post then that means you most definitely put everything you were doing aside for 20 minutes and watched the Bear Cub vid. it's not a video of a bear jacking off or having sex or mauling a man to death. it's a video put together by a group of hard working Alaskans. these kids not only keep you informed about their scene and the happenings around them, but could also very well be the next kids that ARE the scene. a few of their close friends are well on the way if they aren't already there. (Gus Engle, Chris Larson and Mark Thompson to name a few)

keep an eye on what these kids have going on. and check out the vid if you havent already.


...incase your fingers are too broken to scroll down another 3 inches to yesterdays post, here's the new vid again.

September 14, 2010

Bear Cubbin Vid

got a link to the new Bear Cubbin vid. it's the full video so set aside about 20 minutes and hit the play button.
you could even invite a date over to watch it.

September 13, 2010


Jan Snarski came out during some shipping to give hand and ask us a few questions for an upcoming web vid on king snow.
we'll let you know once it's up. in the mean time go them out.

a couple questions to look forward too.

Jeff Keenan on the stand.

September 09, 2010

season pass time

dont feel like strapping on snow shoes and walking up a mountain? get a good deal at these new things called "ski areas". they have magic chairs that elevate you into the sky and drop you off at the peak. then you ride down and do it all over again. the future is wonderful.

they've popped up all over the world... there is definitely one near you. here's a couple links to Mt.Seymour and The Summit at Snoqualmie... two spots that we frequent quite often.

September 07, 2010

video premiere time

Much like New Years and the month of January ,with September comes new beginnings. Because many parents celebrated the beginning of a new year, they then celebrated the beginning of a new life 9 months later. it's gross to think about your parents like that isnt it? but, shit, they sure gave you reason to party during those first couple weeks of this month. video premiere's are also another good reason to celebrate... combine the two and watch the fuck out! who knows what that night could bring.

This years home town premiere for Think Thank's new video, Right Brain Left Brain, is nearly here. Premiere night is September 17th in Seattle at the King Cat Theatre. check out the flyer for the details, and hit up the face book page *HERE* to let everyone know you'll be there.

Come on out, celebrate, have fun, and like Grandpa always says... "be careful, and if you cant be careful... name it after me."


September 03, 2010

Friday Music

A music video to get you stoked for this labor day long weekend. This video features our good friend Andrew Hardingham.

September 02, 2010

hooked on phonics

*CLICK HERE* to read this fun filled book of facts.


September 01, 2010

What's this?,

what's this? there's boxes everywhere.

these boxes are housing your future snowboard.

check out the updated shop and distributor list make sure you get yours!


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