July 31, 2016

DIRT race results - HCSC session 5 Round five brought us the smoothest course yet! It was a test of the waxes, and who could hold it through #CobraCorner. The long straight shot to the finish gave everyone a chance to show off their race tuck too. 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻 CAMPERS 1st- Ben Parson - 18.02 @BenVParsons 2nd- Liam Gill - 18.10 @Trill_Gill_ 3rd- Noah Peterson - 18.60 @NoahPeterson_ Freddy Lang and Ryan Kinning take this weeks dogs for Freestyle race maneuvers first to show. STAFF INFECTION 1st - Drunk Dave - 36.21 combined time 2nd - Drinkin’ Jay - 37.00 combined time 3rd - Justus Hines - 37.12 combined time FULL RESULTS CAMPERS Freddy lang 20.19 18.79 Liam Gill 20.07 18.1 0 Ryder peitrik 19.82 19.41 Ian scherrer 20.16 18.97 Noah Peterson 18.83 18.60 Ben Parsons 18.02 20.59 Ryan Kinning 20.69 24.34 butter Staff Infection Amanda 20.51 switch 22.39 combined = 42.90 Jay 17.73 19.27 switch combined = 37.00 Dave 17.87 18.34 switch combined = 36.21 Connor 18.20 19.72 switch combined = 37.92 Jay 18.44 20.75 switch combined = 39.19 Bob 19.49 25.13 switch combined = 44.62 Logy B DQ Justus 18.02 19.10 switch combined = 37.12 C-Mac 18.36 19.36 switch combined = 37.72 Blake 21.93 switch 17.04 combined = 38.97 Lee 18.10 19.29 switch combined = 37.39 Sandra 19.90

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July 30, 2016

The summer adventures of Freddy Flippin' Perry & Mr.Hood. @d_opelord Link to the edit in our bio and on @snowboardermag.com Photo: @dbo_photo @HighCascade

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Kick back 'n relax, it's the weekend. @m3th laid back through a kink at @CampOfCampions. Photo: @thrashley_photo

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July 29, 2016

@Craigerr posted on the @adidassnowboarding barrier at @HighCascade. /// Photo: @dbo_photo

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July 28, 2016

@RiverRicher69, on a mountain, above a lake, in the sky… and that other dude is holding a tractor beam machine that’s helping guide him to a gentle touch down. #NotAVideoCamera 🌅🌤🕊👽 Photo: @_cambest Just posted up an edit of River from this winter at Gun Stock on our FB page. Check it.

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July 27, 2016

Summer boarding in China, why not. @masseguin clock in some airtime on the #pijiutour. @alexgogo, @masseguin, @oldmanbirnie, & friends are in the land of the dragons for the next month, sure to see some insane photos coming out from their trip. #🐉 #🇨🇳

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July 26, 2016

@boobeyes, #NeverNotGrabbingTail at @CampOfChampions. Photo: @m4a2rk

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July 25, 2016

Let's get vertical. ✊🏻👃🏻✊🏻 @mitch_stfg at @woodwardcopper. Photo: @landlecoq #LarsonBoard

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July 24, 2016

@sleeezyb flashin' a bit of base before slippin' it on metal at @CampOfChampions. Photo: @Thrashley_Photo #BasesOutFinkle

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Kai @m3th getting 🙅 on the last day of the glacier. 📷 & soul capturer @coltsmoker

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July 23, 2016

Some of the best parts of the day are on the run down at the end. @d_opelord... Switch mute on the ride out.

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July 22, 2016

Mr.Hood greeted the DIRT Race back with open arms and beautiful weather yesterday. The session 4 course at @HighCascade was the best one yet! Racers were reaching top speed through @CobraDogs #CobraCorner on the bank turn before the q-P, which turned into a bit of a gauntlet with a session that was going down, but racers were in the zone and snaking freestylers left 'n right. 🤘🏻. #CheckYourLineFancyBoys Check the top 3 and full race results below. Then start warming your legs up for the session 5 race! DWD D.I.R.T. Race session 4 results 1st - Mikey Tuck - 20.39 2nd - Aiden H - 20.87 3rd - Dominic A. - 20.91 FULL RESULTS CAMPERS Mikey tuck 20.39 22.47 Jac k K. 21.07 22.04 Nate F. 28.53 23.74 Max W. 22.11 22.41 Dariyan T. 35.07 26.04 Ryan A. 25.42 25.84 Jobe G. 32.03 37.05 Dan M 27.93 26.67 Aiden H 20.87 29.44 cc Harken 28.73 23.75 Tommy D. DQ 32.38 Dominic A. 20.91 23.27 Elleanna 47.99 NS Kally 28.09 29.46 Zach 33.17 27.30 Bo Brooks 25.94 24.37 Sully S 25.66 26.04 Shay 24.11 36.71 switch Liam Thomas 29.83 38.26 Evan W 24.43 26.47 best snake Isabelle R 32.63 33.45 Hunter B 29.56 23.50 PJ 25.54 STAFF INFECTION Blake 25.43 switch Adam 29.09 switch Dylan Trewin 24.23

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July 18, 2016

Headin' out to the premiere for @Think_Thank's, The Weather Outside Is Weather. Hyped to see who #FatFreddy an the rest of crew change the game this year! 🙌🏻🙏🏻 ... 👀 behind the scenes. Snap: DWDSnowboards ... #TheWeatherOutsideIsWeather

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Hyped for the @HighCascade premiere of the new @Think_Thank vid tonight! Keep an eye on our snap for some pre-premiere behind the scenes action. snap: DWDsnowboards #TheWeatherOutsideIsWeather #PremiereSeason. 🙏🏻

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July 17, 2016

Doublin' down on the Birthday grams. Glad this creator was created, so he can do all that he does! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Check out http://ift.tt/2a1sOEc for all that is rad. FYI … their shirts fit great. 😉 Happy Bday, @TrustKrush! @SnowboyProductions #LogoOverload #Overlogoload

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😍. This photo should be in a magazine. Happy Bday, @BrodeyWolfe! 🎉🍰🍻 photo: @_lemay

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July 16, 2016

Councilor @Bryant265 on the top rope at @HighCascade. Arrival day is today! Photo @DylanTrewin

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July 15, 2016

It’s all in the hips.  @CampOfChampions coming through with another fun one, as they always do! @KeenanJeff Photo: @nosedradamous

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July 14, 2016

A damn fine shot of @BNeri tossin' one off the jump on his #BrewsterBoard at @WoodwardTahoe. Photo: @andre_magarao 🤘🏻 #BasesOutFinkel

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@NeckPunch is what’s good about the industry! #RepLife #RoadWarrior #OldDawgCrew @WoodwardTahoe Photo: @andre_magarao

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July 13, 2016

Another session of @HighCascade in the bag! @RiverRicher69, sendin’em off with a method. See ya next week during session 4! photo: @Gill_Monty_Photo

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Ol’ Mr.Hood ’n Ma Nature had a bit of a spat on race day, so we brought this sessions race to the streets for the first ever Skate Edition DIRT Race.  Everyone killed it!… Many were fast!… But three were fastest! DIRT race results - HCSC session 3 1st- Jakob Blees - 18.67 2nd- Caleb Kinnear - 18.86 3rd- Kai Noah Puuohau - 19.03 FULL RESULTS CAMPERS Mason rice  39.37 40.08 Wyatt Blake  26.63 25.93 Conner H 28.03 25.69 Kai Noah  20.41 19.03 Jobe  23.16 24.21 Jack K 19.79 19.83 Sam Stillman 24.60 19.62 Dean Ruskin 24.00 DQ Ozzy Chadwell 31.64 32.21 Tommy  DQ 25.46 Dariyan  38.75 40.17 Nils  DQ 26.73 Caleb K 20.39 18.86 Jacob Blees  20.08 18.67 Aidan H 19.91 20.12 Justin S 25.65 42.30 STAFF INFECTION Masa Sun 19.01

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July 12, 2016

@Mitch_stfg mixin' it up with a press at @woodwardcopper. 😎🤘🏻 Photo @chipprowlx

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The Session 3 DIRT Race at @HighCascade is goin' down right now! Who's gonna win?!? ... And who's gonna get eaten up by #CobraCorner? 😱

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July 11, 2016

Shredrik Perry, @d_opelord, sendin’ it down the RAT Race course earlier today.  Keep an eye on @WeDrinkWater for results soon!

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It’s gettin’ busy up at Mr.Hood this week.  See some of the worlds finest at @WeDrinkWater’s RAT Race today, then if you’re at HCSC tomorrow, come make a couple laps through the cones during the session 3 DIRT race! … and between it all, toss a couple hand plants!  @Bryant265, HCSC councillor and handpanter.  #🖐🏻🌱🙃 photo @dbo_photo

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July 10, 2016

These boys be slaying 🙌🏽 @campofchampions all week, helps when they have @corkmcnortis as a coach. @pethsevach & @ryanberg_ with some fresh Dino gear. Thanks to everyone who repped

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July 09, 2016

LDOH for COC, here's @benbilocq allyoop tail at last weeks @salmonarms X @dinosaurs_will_die Medium Wave Challenge. 📷 @keamowat

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July 08, 2016

Tomorrow is the last day of @campofchampions & @darrahreidm is going to miss her air time. If you're on hill tomorrow make sure to say what up to the Dino crew, some might have some free DinoGear for ya.

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Weather ain't going to hold @m3th back. Kai blunting his own line into tranny. #👽🖖 #WaitTillYouSeeTheVideo.

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July 07, 2016

Head Digger @lucas_ouellette is creative mind behind the COC park this year. The whole dig crew has been busy creating the the best parks they have had in years. Lucas hasn't even had time to switch his deck and is still ripping his #PowReaper in the final week of @campofchampions. 📷 @keamowat

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Life coach, @Devon_Gulick, showin’ his Killington crew how it’s done. Photo @OliverGuarnieri

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Another arrival day is in the bag and session 3 at @HighCascade is ‘bout to get crankin’! Lots of trannies to rip up there this summer… @BoBrooksPhoto sets this one up #BasesOut for @dbo_photo.

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July 06, 2016

Grab and tweak!  @BrodeyWolfe taking those words to heart mid backy.  Catch the moving picture of this one in the @CampOfChampions session one recap edit online now, that features a crew of the homies rippin’ the glacier last week.  @SleezyB, @DarrahReidm, @NickElliottMoose, @Lucas_Ouellette, @TJKoskela, @CorkMcNortis, @ColtSmoker, @Lucio_DM, @m3th

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@RiverRicher69 with a literal picture perfect gap to back lip. photo: @BrendanHartsy @HighCascade #MisterHood

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July 04, 2016

Session 1 @HighCascade DIRT racer pointin' it at the finish. 🏂🏁🏆🎉 Session 3 starts in a few days. 🤘🏻🤘🏻 #DinoInternationalRaceTeam @cobradogs

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July 03, 2016

#CalebChomlack has kept enough from being a brat this this past season & now is ripping around @campofchampions. Caleb letting the hoof free on his #Bratboard 📷@WhistlerValley

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July 02, 2016

The @SalmonArms x @Dinosaurs_Will_Die Medium Wave Challenge went off today @CampOfChampions. @BenBilocq leaded the charge with a frontside air to kick it off. Check the DWD SnapChat for some highlights.

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Last Day Of Session today for both @HighCascade & @CampOfChampions. If your at COC, make sure to come to the the DWDxSalmonArms Medium Wave Challenge.

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July 01, 2016

There a fresh batch of #DinoInternationalRaceTeam members after today's race at @HighCascade! This sessions course was a bit more technical, but nothin' the crew couldn't handle. These kids are fasts too!!! Lucas B took the @CobraDogs #CobraCorner prize for spinnin' out of it setting himself up perfectly for the last 90 degree turn that was eatin' people up! (Nice move on that one Lucas!). On the staff side of things, they decided to make it a bit more interesting and combine times... Regular and switch. Scroll below for winners and the full results. And we'll see ya again next weekend!!! DIRT race results - HCSC session 2 RESULTS CAMPERS 1st - Barrest Kilroy- 21.50 2nd - Kendrick M-22.51 3rd - Kyle Morris-22.55 Fastest Adult - Dustin Hummel - 21.37 STAFF INFECTION 1st - Jon Murphy - 42.89 combined 2nd - C-Mac - 43.67 combined 3rd - Adam Lewandowski - 44.14 combined FULL RESULTS CAMPERS Justin Phipps 24.12 24.93 Henry Macumber 25.59 26.54 Bryce Rattner 22.77 23.14 Josh Noll 31.68 23.74 Lucas B 25.83 24.09 Carson Fair 33.37 23.57 Pat Hoffman 25.96 22.99 Barrett Kilroy 21.99 21.50 Cooper Nelson 34.31 28.19 Oliver G 22.64 25.58 Adam P 29.50 23.26 Jared Westbrook 27.24 25.61 Matt Fitzgiben 31.46 DQ Patch Gorman 23.81 25.77 Kyle Morris 24.68 22.55 Spencer Weldon 25.14 24.64 Kendrick M 22.96 22.51 David Westbrook Adult 26.13 29.77 Dustin Hummel Adult 26.7 21.37 Anthony Hummel 26.30 24.86 Shangshu Jung Adult 31.44 Gabby Zingarini 54.27 STAFF INFECTION Jess Spencer 30.13 DQ switch Bryant Hankerson 22.63 29.31 switch Combined = 51.94 Loggy B 20.53 DQ switch Amanda Hankinson 23.36 24.11 switch Combined = 47.47 Kyle Fisher 22.43 23.87 switch Combined = 46.30 Drunk Dave 30.54 33.57 switch Combined = 64.11 Drinkin J 21.06 24.84 switch Combined = 45.90 C-Mac 20.46 23.21 switch Combined = 43.67 Adam Lewandowski 21.59 22.55 switch Combined = 44.14 Sam Everett 26.43 27.52 Switch Combined = 53.95 Terd Ferguson 23.58 DQ switch River Richer 20.52 DQ switch Jon Murphy 19.80 23.09 switch Combined = 42.89 Tyler Orton 22.87 23.64 switch Fastest Bogart award... @BenBogart 21.09

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Have you checked @sleeezyb (Brin Alexander's) street clips from @footyfiend yet? Take 2 min and check out the link in the bio. COC 📷 @keamowat

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