June 30, 2013

On Sundays we rest. @keenanjeff Regram:@stylinginmonrovia

June 29, 2013

Get out this weekend, pick up some DWD T's at your local DWD dealer, and get out in the sun. @newyakcity in Yakima, WA, has been down with Dino since the get go. Drop in and say what's up to Gabe and the rest of the crew if you're there or passing through! ... Then go find a patch of snow to slide on.

June 28, 2013

Film a la D-Boy. Some if that OG camera stuff from the DWD booth back at the SIA trade show in January. Photograph by #DykeBoy

June 27, 2013

@lizking94 with a DWD Team Vid tribute! #DWDtat #DownForLife #VideoLife #ZombieHand #MustHaveChangedHisGramName

June 26, 2013

Got snow? Ride it.

Lionel Simon in this edit riding the 13/14 RAT. In stores September.

Castro, dun gone did it, and went in for life on 'em.

June 25, 2013

SUCCESS! After being dognapped 2 days ago, Wyatt is back home safe and sound. He was found in Kelowna... About 5 hours drive from Squamish, where he was taken from!?! THANK YOU to everyone that got the word out about this yesterday! Every bit helped!

Diggers//Dinos... Like minded. Summer camps are poppin' off right now, so get your butt out to a session this summer! Any day at camp is a good day!

June 24, 2013

Everyone around Squamish, Vancouver and Whistler keep your eyes peeled for our friends dog and truck that was stolen yesterday! Stealing cars is fuckin' lame!... Stealing dogs is a whole 'nother depth in hell!

Magic Hour Moves, Aly edit!

Hupp, Lars, Garrett, Brewster, and friends in this Aly edit. The boys know how to have some good times!

June 20, 2013

Throwback 2 months to the ECS Invitational. @mattbutel stacking clips for the RATs Section. Find out how to submit your shots at www.dinosaurswilldie.com

Bogart board in the teaser for Abstract

Do you want to get the Bogart board next season? See the magic that Juame Pons does on it in this teaser for their vid called, Abstract.

Abstract - Teaser from Abstract Films on Vimeo.

June 19, 2013

The OE in NY

Check the hat on Jake Luczak... kids got good taste! Now get that Dino deck next season and *BOOM*.... instaRAT.

shot by Gabe Zumpano
edited by Luke Northrop
skate footy by Matt Ryan

June 18, 2013

RAT, 'Used and Reviewed' by AngrySnowboarder.com

www.angrysnowboarder.com did a review on next seasons RAT. Read up on it and give yourself one more reason to keep mowin' those lawns this summer. Start stackin'... new decks drop in September.

Hupp linin' it up in Norway. We've seen his clips for the new @think_thank vid... You will not be disappointed. @brendonhupp regram:@think_thank. Follow them to keep updated on the new vid, #BrainDeadHeartAttack

June 17, 2013

Art class dedication from @_maxmuir. A+ for sure.

June 16, 2013

Love thy Rats. Head to the DWD blog, or FB page and check out last seasons RATS edit from the DWD Team Vid, and find out how you can be in this years edit! #RATS #RatTheFeed

June 15, 2013

Rats... Send in your clips. Check www.dinosaurswilldie.com and the DWD Facebook page for more info. #RatTheFeed #Rats

June 13, 2013

Check www.dinosaurswilldie.com and the DWD official Facebook page for all the details and to see last seasons RATS edit that was in the DWD Team Vid. #Rats #DinosaursWillDie #DWD #AintNobodySafe

How to be a RAT.

Are you a RAT?

Submit your footage to DWD for the 2nd annual RATS edit. Deadline is July 15, 2013.

Here are the guide lines and how to submit your footage.

1. Do you ride and film on a DWD snowboard? Any model, any year, is okay.

2. Are your shots in the streets, side country, or back country? (No park shots for this edit)

If you answered YES to both of those, this is how you submit your footage.

1. Make sure your clips are .mov format.

2. Choose your best shots and use WETRANSFER.COM to submit them to RATS@DINOSAURSWILLDIE.COM

3. Make sure include your contact info, and let us know the RIDERS NAME(S) and FILMERS NAME(S) for the credits.

We'll reply to your transfer to confirm that we've received your shots.

... Again... The DEADLINE IS JULY 15, 2013, so get them in asap.


June 12, 2013

Remember this one?!

June 11, 2013

All in all, an amazing day with 300+ people that got Mad love for snowboarding in the month of June! Again, a HUGE thank you to Steven Goodell for doin' the dirty work and making last weekend one to remember! Hope to see you all there again next year! #MtBakerSeshUp @stvn_goodell

Matt Wainhouse was killing it all day at the Sesh Up, so we'd like to go out on a limb and just say that he won the event with methods like this one and consistently going huge!... Even though every one was a winner... Especially everyone that got there early with shovels! AND, Steven Goodell who kicked some major ass making this event a reality. Thanks Steven! @stvn_goodell Photo:@lucas_ouellette

The session kept going, even as people started migrating back to the parking lot. @seangenovese going toe edge upside down spin around near the end of the sesh. #mtbakerseshup Photo: @lucas_ouellette

One of the step up veterans and close DWD friend, showing the kids how its done. Drop, flip, chill. @patrickmccarthy #mtbakerseshup

Digging, slipping and salt. Just a few of the essentials for a successful spring/summer jump sesh. The Mt.Baker Sesh Up is no exception. Plenty of seasoned step up veterans were on hand to make sure this year was the best yet! #mtbakerseshup

The 10th Annual Mt.Baker Sesh Up was a success last weekend! Good ol'fashion feed cloggin' comin' up! Stay tuned. #MtBakerSeshUp

June 10, 2013

It's spawning season! Get your Salmon Arms while the gettin's good! Available now at www.salmonarms.com Scroll to the bottom of that page and follow the 'products' link. @salmonsarms Regram @d2kyuyu

June 09, 2013

Vote for Castro!

We agree with Cobra Dogs and Lunch Ramp Gang. Vote For Castro! Castro rides DWD... A true RAT... a Rats, Rat. What are you voting for you ask? We don't know... and we don't care... we just agree. VOTE FOR CASTRO!

Power to the RATS!

*ps Eat Cobra Dogs, run with Lunch Ramp Gang, and support your local HCSC Diggers.

June 08, 2013

Tomorrow! Bring a shovel! See you there! Check out the FB event page for more details.

June 07, 2013

Canadian prairie RAT

Luke Pasishnik, reppin' in this teaser, PRAIRIE SURFIN'.

Style and Brewster are one and the same. @looserbrewster nose press gap over this dock in AK. @snowboardermag regram. Photo: @mikeyoshida

June 06, 2013

Happy Bday, Lars! ...got a feelin' you're in for a lonnng weekend! @darklawg

Re-gram from @snowboardermag. Throwback of Geno's legendary Patio Gap. Photo: @mikeyoshida

Way back track, and @twsnow regram. @seanGENOvese plantin' one of those OG Dino sticks on a fine Mt.Hood summer evening. Photo: #NickHamilton

The night time is the right time... For the Kwon. Photo: @hornapalooza #RatsRideKwonsToo

June 05, 2013

Sam Rat. They're everywhere! #RATS #DINOS #AintNobodySafe

RATs by the truck load! What's a RAT? Are you a RAT? Do you want to be one? #RATS #DINOS

June 04, 2013

Fight Club about to commence. @seangenovese vs WhiskyJack

And the winner of the 11th annual CDI 1/4 pipe Memorial... Yancy Caldwell! He went the biggest, and brought it with style. Congrats Yancy! Can't wait for next year!!! Photo:@snowboyproductions

Evan here was riding strong all day and took the number 2 spot, sqeekin' out Greg and Paul who tied for 3rd. Photo:@snowboyproductions

June 03, 2013

Corey Mac and Krush holdin' it down on the ridge. @coreymcdonald @snowboyproductions #CDImemorial

CDI brings 'em out. Ben Buchanan ladies and gentelmen... Lege' status. #CDImemorial

On the Monday evening grind. Still out here with @mattheneghan, @ecsphoto, @keenanjeff. Photo:@brendankeenan

Loren reppin tough on the Kwon! #CDImemorial

Corey Mac kickin off the 11th annual CDI with a hand down. @CoreyMcdonald #CDImemorial #StackFooty

Regram. More photos of Geno's trip to Idaho for the CDI 1/4 Pipe Memorial with @snowboyproductions tomorrow. Check back then! @seanGENOvese

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