September 29, 2011


This is the big hometown showing for Think Thank and our friends over at Capita. Everyone worked their asses off, so come celebrate by checking it out on the big screen tomorrow... FRIDAY! We know you ain't got shit to do but come hang wit us.


Friday, September 30th
@ King Cat Theater, 2130 6th Avenue, Seattle
$7 Advanced tickets at Sno-Con
$10 at the door

September 28, 2011

Hupp's on the Hump today

Great Wednesday read with Hupp from our friends at YOBEAT

September 27, 2011

Fona, Freddy, and other fascinating factual news updates

Freddy went to Fona with some of the JunkYard, Jump Club and Ducksjen crew this summer. Here's a couple pics, and an edit.

edit by Kasper. photos by Daniel Tengs. riding by Freddy/Fred/Fredrik Perry.


... in other news, the Feeders! event in Spokane went off without a hitch and may have unexpectedly been in conjunction with the last day of summer seeing that it was 95F/30C degrees. if you're in or around Seattle this Friday check out the Think Thank hometown premier at the King Cat theater, we'll be there, so should you... come check out Larson, Hupp, and Freddy's video parts. and there was something else that we should mention, but cant seem to remember... oh well.

oh yeah, it's the end of the month and the early bird seasons pass sales are coming to an end pretty quick. like the 60% off deal at Mt.Seymour. dont miss out.

September 26, 2011

Watch out

September 23, 2011

Lucas Ouellette

ps. Feeders! contest in Spokane tomorrow! come hang out.

September 22, 2011


Moving pictures of Pablo Infantes riding in Spain.

a non-moving picture of Pablo, shot by Iker SantamarĂ­a.

September 21, 2011

Oz on top

in the middle ages you might've been ahead of your time by thinking that the earth is round... but the universe flat. and since it's colder at higher elevations, the earth MAY IN FACT spin on a horizontal axis because that would explain why winter is alway in the north... and when australia was in it's deepest part of winter they were actually at the most northern point.

... you're welcome for just making you dumber.
here's a vid from australia, up on top x2.

September 20, 2011

Coastal Riders Langley Grand Opening

We dropped in to the Grand Opening of Coastal Riders 2nd location in Langley BC.
If your in the area swing by and check it out.

September 16, 2011

Corey Mac on

Click HERE and read it... unless you cant read... in which case you better get your ass to school.


In other news, the first FEEDERS! contest is tomorrow in Oregon. Check it out.

September 14, 2011

Read the verdict

Check out's verdict on a few parts in the Think Thank vid, Ransack Rebellion.

then go judge for yourself.
Available at your local shop now. and on itunes.

yobeat ransack larson review

... and now ya know.
yobeat ransack hupp review

read it all at

September 13, 2011

... and you can get 'em Online!

Not everyone that wants a new DWD has an 'authorized DWD dealer' next door to them... for those, we got dem online contacts to satisfy the craving!

Empire's got em online in Canada...

So does The Source.
DWD the Source online

... and don't sleep on Milo, they got 'em online in the ol' USA.
DWD Milo Online

Check the 'ONLINE' link in the 'DEALERS' section to your left for more shops near you and at your finger tips.

September 12, 2011

DWD boards are available in shops!...

As seen here at Capsule in Cos Cob, Connecticut...

And the Brat at Plush in Edmonton, Alberta.

Head on out 'n get'em.

September 09, 2011

Feeders/DTTD updates

got these updates and FB page updates for the FEEDERS! and Down Town Throw Down contests that are all coming up soon.

Check'em 'n be there.

Sept 17 - The Feeders! - Clackamas, OR

12000 SE 82nd Avenue, Happy Valley, OR / Sponsors arrive by 11AM day of event / Event ends at 4PM

Sept 24 - The Feeders! - Spokane, WA

E. 8923 Mission Ave., Spokane, WA / Sponsors arrive by 11AM day of event / Event ends at 4PM

Oct 8 - Downtown Throwdown - Seattle, WA

Occidental Ave. S and S Main St., Seattle, WA / Sponsors arrive by 9AM day of event / Event ends at 5PM

Oct 22 - The Feeders! - Sacramento, CA

1689 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA / Sponsors arrive by 11AM day of event / Event ends at 4PM

Oct 29 - Downtown Throwdown - San Francisco, CA

Fulton Street and Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA / Sponsors arrive by 9AM day of event / Event ends at 5PM

September 02, 2011

Hupp is... AM

Brendon Hupp is Dinosaurs Will Die's newest addition.

Welcome to the gang!

CLICK HERE to get the desktop size version of this ad.

See Hupp's full part in Think Thank's, Ransack Rebellion, available at shops and on itunes. also, This Is A Sinking Ship, over at the Bear Cubbin blog.

September 01, 2011

Hupp is...

Hupp is... wearing the same hoodie he wore all summer.

Hupp is... a pain in the ass to get a photo of.

Hupp is... chattin' it up with Garret on the clock.

Hupp is... touching the disabled.

Hupp is... holdin down the fair in AK.

Hupp is... ... ...

(all photos for this post were stolen directly from, check'em)

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