January 25, 2013

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January 19, 2013

Japan powder stroll. This photo of Geno hiking in Japan is from a Think Thank story in the new Method Mag. Check it out for FREE online at www.methodmag.com Photo by @mertzphoto

This makes for the second time we've heard a DWD board being banned from a ski area. Feels good!

Bart's back!

Bart Rat is back from Hawaii and here's a few clips of him, Kevin Hanson, and their homies doing laps on the new reinstated Mission Ridge rope tow.

January 18, 2013

Street Rats

Rats leakin' street clips? Matt De Vito layin' his cards on the table.

Method, man! Geno (top right) shares a shot with Brendan Gerard (far left) in the Snowboarder mag Super Park issue. Photo: Mertz

East coast Rat edit

Birds Eye Board Shop rider, and fresh Rat, Matt De Vito.

January 17, 2013

Bogart. Front 7 double tail. Check the story in ACT, buy the pro model and DWD Team Vid at your local shop. Photo: Azevedo

Our boy Brew! Brewster, nose pick pop over to lil ol' landing. ACT mag has all the details. Photo: Azevedo

B.Hupp, gappin' in Denver. Read the full story in ACT mag. Photo: Azevedo

Three times? Fuck yeah! Shot number 3 for Larson in the new ACT mag. Photo: Mertz

Two for the show? Larson with a spread in the new edition of ACT. Photo: Mertz

Pickle rep of the year, at the #knwshw. 2013 board leaks coming soon.

Larson, nose slide pop over front blunt, in ACT. Photo: Mertz

Act magazine in France just dropped their new issue with an article about the DWD Team Vid. Learn French, read the article, buy the vid... Easy peasy. Geno rounding the bend in this shot. Photo: Mertz


Rats in Scandinavia with a weekend Slushuary edit.

January 13, 2013

A we bit've tourin'.

January 12, 2013

Doublin' up.

January 11, 2013

... Ain't nuthin' t' fuck with.

January 10, 2013

Bogart flying high at Superpark, go out and pick up the new issue of @snowboardermag

And the Rats keep on rollin...

Luke Pasishnik with an edit from over the holidays. Damn fine filming by Liam Armstrong on this one too.

January 09, 2013

Geno with a contents sequence in the new @snowboardermag Super Park Issue

The look of a travelin' man.

Fresh Rat...

Fresh Rat on the scene... Ricky Koukal.

January 08, 2013

Birds EYE Shop NYC

If your ever in Brooklyn area stop by and say HI to Steve and check out his unique shop.

January 07, 2013

January 06, 2013

Larson with a pop into a Japanese Wall. ReGram from @snowboardmag. If you don't follow them better time now then ever.

More Rat rippin' !

More Rat rippin' in the first Sunday In The Park edit! Richie Conklin on the DWD maeT too!

Rats for the win!

Kevin 'Kenny' Hanson won the premature jibulation contest at Snoqualmie last month on a DWD maeT.

Rats are on a roll!

Check Jacob Nelson in this Mountain High edit. ... more edits in line, droppin' as the day goes on.

January 05, 2013

Regram. Yup.

Rats be ridin'

Jim Langer put together this edit of Kevin Hanson and homie Derrek Lever a few weeks back at Stevens Pass.

January 04, 2013

Methods of the mist. Trevor Schy at Mount Seymour.

And then, present day... Cats of Anarchy, edit 3

For this post we blast to modern times with Richie Conklin and Cats Of Anarchy again, for this FRESH Cali snow surfin' edit.

The following COMMENT brought to you by Matt Heneghan: "The guy filming that skate kid sounds concerned."

January 03, 2013

Heavy Quitters, edit 1

older edit from Richie Conklin and the Cats of Anarchy crew.

If you got those 'big brother' eyes, like the 'the comment', Matt Heneghan, all edits are considered old.

*Fact* all snowboard edits that are posted on the entire internet must be prescreened by Matt Heneghan himself.

True story gettin' truer by the day. Buy'em up 'n support you favorite videos!

January 01, 2013

Hope y'all had a good one.

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