December 30, 2014

@_dicks_pix poking out this front three on the @bearmountain step up last season. Photo by @leestock

December 26, 2014

#JumpClub adding some Japanese pow to their name. #AintNoFunIfTheHomiesGetNone. @PlayboardMagazine Photo @Gaupman

December 22, 2014

@salmonarms leakin that new #dwdxdopexarms three way collabo on a super limited mitt! Match from arms to board with these and a new #Maet #dwdxdope ! Hit @salmonarms with a follow to go see the other goods in there line!

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December 21, 2014

Today's east side melon brought to you by #MattDeVito and @Thrashleyphoto. #DWDxDOPE

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December 19, 2014

Make sure if your in the Whistler area that you get over to Wild Wing to check out #duhmixtape from @duhbolts @dope_industries! Guaranteed to be insanity and there might even be a #dwd board up for grabs! #dwdxdope. Also playing #skatetank and @the_impaler_mag!

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December 18, 2014

@satansdeathkult aka Johnny Miller is night lurkin in California under the watchful eye of @avante_garden #vx1000. Photo by @shylekafers and @jupiterpeople

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December 17, 2014

Low tides, high times. Mt.Hood's got some hidden goods and @_JacobNelson is out there gettin' em. Photo: JeffreyKyleIrvin

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December 16, 2014

@_dicks_pix aka Richie Conklin puttin that blunt up at Brighton Resorts on the #Genovese deck. Photo by @portlandjailblazers

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December 15, 2014

Rat Tales #13: Shogo Suganuma

Rat Tales #13: Shogo Suganuma

For what's happening with DWD in Japan, follow the 'Dinosaurs WILL Die Snowboards Japan' page!

Stay Hungry - I Was Born from Shogo700 on Vimeo.

@keenanjeff and @lucas_ouellette are on the east coast lurking the streets with @chmilionaire and the @trashleague gang. Stack up boys!!

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December 14, 2014

Johnny Miller aka @satansdeathkult gettin after it in the streets of Bear Mountain! Leaking a heavy 5050 transfer on the #dwdxdope Maet board! Johnny has been handling those cold Californian streets for years. Photo by @jupiterpeople

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December 13, 2014

Garrett Swenson, @ThreePac, tossin' a magic hour method out for ya this Saturday evening. Have you bought your copy of #EndSearch yet? Still a couple of days to pre-order it through their kickstarter campaign. The direct link is in our bio, or search for End Search on #MagicHourMoves

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Come One, Come all and see these two turkeys at Blue Mountain. If your in Ontario come up and Demo a board from @DWD_Ontario @lucas_Ouellette

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December 12, 2014

Kleptogram of Kleptogram @lucas_Ouellette about to go for a mid-spring swim. Check out this pic the in the new issue of @snowboardcanada 📷@mikehelfrichphoto

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December 11, 2014

Garrett Swenson Q & A

Garrett Swenson Q & A

Style is confidence. And like confidence, you can't fake it. You can pretend for a moment, or to get you through a moment, but it's something that is instilled in a person... you don't just flip the switch.

People with good style don't need to be 'artists', they exude this confidence in all aspects of life. They have retained the best parts from their influencers, combine them together and release the outcome on the world in a way that inspires others.

Garrett Swenson has good style. When you meet him, he's not the loudest, the weirdest, or the craziest... but you know he's there. Is Garrett an artist? As much as everyone is, but he's confident in everything that he does. He's held a full time job, completed a school degree and put out video parts with clips that have you skipping back to re-watch again and again. Not necessarily the how-to manual to becoming a professional snowboarder, but instead, he's confidently doing it his way.

Since finishing his degree last spring, he's been helping plan the second season of filming for the Magic Hour Moves video project, End Search, including pre-sales for the video, available through a kickstarter campaign for the next 5 days.

Here's a few questions and answers with a rider who's only begun inspiring others with his snowboarding and laid back approach to it all. Check out the #EndSearch kickstarter campaign at, to preorder your copy, and follow for updates throughout the season!


DWD - You just graduated university this spring, right?

GS - Yup, made momma proud and went and got me a degree.

DWD - What is your degree?

GS - I finally settled on an associates degree in small business management. I switched majors a few times so it took a little longer than planned ha

DWD - How does it feel? Is it a relief to have that under your belt? or are you feeling the pressure to plug into "real life"?

GS - So motherfucking wonderful! yea man i started college right outta high school so its always been this balancing act of school, work, and snowboarding. Finishing school was a huuuge weight off my shoulders and now that I'm done all i have to do is find a sugar momma to pay all my bills and I'll be set for life. Nah the pressure of real life hasn't quite hit yet, I'm still riding this high from graduation but I'm sure it'll get real next summer when I need to find a job.

DWD - There's a lot of kids out there going to school and wishing they could blow it off to snowboard all winter... what sort of advice do you have for them?

GS - Take summer classes. The last couple years of my degree i would just take classes in the Summer and Fall and then take the spring semester off. That was definitely a contributing factor as to why it took so long for my degree but it was the best way to be able to go to school and still ride during the winter. Just suck it up and get it done because every year your not in school makes it harder to go back.

DWD - With no winter classes this year, what's your plans for the season?

GS - I'm quittin my job and we're hittin the road! Hupp and I bought a 15 passenger van, stripped the back half, insulated it, and turned it into a liveable situation and got ourselves a trailer to haul all of our gear. We are gonna venture down the coast and work our way across the US and hopefully meet up with Gusmah in Quebec. Larson's gonna make the trip with us and we'll be meeting up with Brew and a bunch of other homies along the way. I'm pumped.

DWD - When do you guys leave?

GS - We're leaving Anchorage on January 3rd, the ferry leaves on the 5th, and we get to Bellingham on the 9th.

DWD - Then the journey begins!

GS - Yezzir!

DWD - Can't wait to see this one!


Follow the trip at and PRE-ORDER your copy of #EndSearch at

December 09, 2014

@_fragnar_ aka #jordanfrager boostin a proper method in the PNW for this months Method Monthly in @snowboardermag! Hopefully it looks like that up here soon!! Photo by @jordaningmire

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December 08, 2014

@AlexGogo let loose at the Empire City Troopers event over the weekend! Keep an eye out for Gogo this season! @agencenbp

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December 07, 2014

Where there's a will there's a way! Congratulations to the homie @KaelHill for placing second at Empire City Troopers contest and bringing home 4 G's on the #BratBoard!!

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December 06, 2014

Fast times.

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December 03, 2014

#HacksawHupp linin' one up at #TenjinLodge in Japan last season while filming for #MagicHourMove's #EndSearch. Pre-order your copy now! Link is in our bio.

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Get out to @BrightonResort today for @MiloSport's consumer demo@and try out a Dino! + get a $20 dollar lift ticket with a donation to Toys For Tots!

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If you missed #TheHeadStones release of Grandmason's part a couple of weeks ago, go back and check it out, or go watch it again and again. #VincentGrandmaison turning heads in the NEW @SnowBoarderMag. @TheHeadstones @BoutiqueDuSkate

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December 02, 2014

@BlakeGeis with one hand on his maeT and the other on the street. Photo by @TylerOrtonPhoto #maeT

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December 01, 2014

Tonights your last chance. Winner announced in the morning! Regram 'n tag it! #GradeEhTop10 @SnowboardCanada @Dinosaurs_Will_Die

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DWD starring as, 'And More' in @MiloSport's consumer demo, this Wednesday at @BrightonResort. Be dere, and bring a toy to donate to #ToysForTots. #TwentyDollaLiftTicketsAintNothinToFuckWit

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