March 31, 2010

lord have...

lord have MERTZy link.
the past couple weeks..... in a nice little blog format.

March 29, 2010

Kinko De Mayo

this is what we're doing on May 1st. come join.

Snoqualmie West (summit at snoqualmie) starts at noon, must wear a helmet, FREE entry!!!


March 27, 2010

shout it out.

stole this Darth Meyer shot off the Video Grass blog the other day.


March 26, 2010

Norway invades

Jo from Jump Club and Norwegian DWD rider Freddy Perry were just in the US and made a quick edit of some of laps they took.
check it HERE, or at


March 25, 2010


Alex Mertz is STILL looking for 'departures'. actually, right here he can be quoted as saying, "Geno, i'll kill you"

mertz animated gif
warmest photog on the planet right here.

March 24, 2010

knee, meet face. face, meet knee.

cherry snow cone.

just a little blood. it's still good, it's still good.


March 23, 2010

B-Kwon Party SNAKE Part

Last year Brendan Keenan was in-between sponsors and filmed the whole year on DINO boards. Here is his part in Party Snake and check out Sandbox for more footage.

March 22, 2010


the most organized part of the trip is at the beginning.

Jamaica mountain

Jamaican Larson, setting up his Jamaica mountain board in the Jamaican streets.

Jamaican moment...

Jamaican sunset?

March 21, 2010


from our distributors in Korea. since you may not speak Korean, the translation is, "buy these snowboards, or suffer the consequences!"

March 20, 2010

Appease the RAT

lent our friend Oli one of next years RAT MAET boards. he emailed us this.

"So my cat Jerry pretty much just lives in my room, and he always brings his catch of dead animals into my room it kinda sucks....but anyways so i have the Rat Maet just chillen on the floor and i came into my room today and there was a dead mouse or rat sittin on the board...i thought it was pretty weird how that worked out"

agreed. that's weird.

March 19, 2010


560 pxls

Dinosaurs Will Die has teamed up with the guys at to offer you the chance to win a new snowboard!

it's going to be a contest... a coloring contest! next to the 'be lazy and do nothing contest' it's the easiest type of contest around.

it only takes 4 easy steps.
1. download the coloring sheet at
2. bust out the crayons.
3. scribble color like you've never scribbled color before.
4. mail your entry to:
DWD/DCS color contest
241 S. Lander, Suite 207
Seattle Wa 98134

then sit back and see if yours is the best. or worst. you never know what is going to win. art is in the eye of the beholder.

all entries must be received by APRIL 30th 2010.
1 entry per person.

*entries will not be returned.

March 18, 2010

bisexual snowboards

DWD snowboards for everyone. listen up to what Tall Sarah has to say ladies... ride good, look good.


March 17, 2010

holed up

it's amazing the things you'll come across when you're holed up with nothing to do for a while. these gems were forwarded onto us from our good friend Sean Hoglin.

March 15, 2010

in the future

happy monday.
and now, for your viewing pleasure, the Dinosaurs Will Die 2010/2011 pdf catalog. click HERE.


March 14, 2010

Wes Makepeace bootlegged

at some point on a sunday you should sit, relax, drink something hot, and listen to some good music.

bootlegged this vid of Wes warming up for a gig singing one of his new songs.

March 13, 2010

snow in the NW and BC

stole picture 10 of 21 from the whistler 'powder blog'.
lucas ouellette - tail grab


March 12, 2010

some old footy

not sure if this has been put up for second time in a row. found it in the same folder as the last pics.
some times it's good to take a look back. here's a vid of Trevor Schy. check it out for the first time... again.

March 11, 2010

not sure if these have already been posted

found them in a random folder on the desktop.




March 10, 2010

follow me.

a wonderfully shaky line of Heneghan shot at the OMB 'the kids are alrigh' Snowboard Jam on Sunday.

and some OMB himself... as interrogated by Scotty MacDonald on King Snow.

March 09, 2010

Birnie's 'the kids are alrigh'

OMB jam 12
ya east coasters, it's snowing here.

OMB jam 13

OMB jam 10
Eraticator bringing in the first of the extreme faces.

OMB jam 9
Keenan. extreme face #2.

OMB jam 4
this kid thought it was a wet t-shirt contest. didnt catch his name but thats a brand new green DWD hoodie in his hand that he just won.

open your mind to Kuato!

OMB jam 3
Dickson not holding back on an extreme face.

OMB jam 7
Damon in the hotdog eating contest.

OMB jam 8
didnt they catch the unibomber already?

OMB jam 11
Heneghan... what?

OMB jam 2
twinsssssssssssss... next years MAET boards.

OMB jam 6
Colin D-somthing... his last name sounded like 'Dear Eater'. lets go with that, it sounds good. he won a new DWD 'MAET' board for his efforts. notice awkward Birnie on the left and awkward Genovese with an awkward thumbs up on the right. Congrats Colin!

OMB jam 1
the chief and his stogie round out this post.

March 08, 2010


grabbed this shot from Yoshida's blog.
here Yosh decides to take the reigns into his own hands... powder and airtime.

March 06, 2010


Birnie's 'The Kids are Alrigh" Snowboard Jam at Mt.Seymour.

OMB presents THE KIDS ARE ALRIGH snowboard jam

March 05, 2010

inside scoop talked with good ollllll' Birnie about which is the best way to boss poor innocent snowboards around.

March 04, 2010

sounds nice, make it... thrice?

3 posts strong.
Lucas back again, this time in an SBC "5 W's" article. ... even though we count 8 W's.

March 03, 2010

tease please

lucas in a little peach tease.

March 02, 2010

last run

apparently after reading THIS ARTICLE on the SBC site, Lucas Ouellette must not have been riding in 'the moment'.


March 01, 2010

what is this?

and who buys it?
must be a jabberwacky.

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