April 26, 2017

'Titty City' beware, Sick @NickElliottMoose is on the loose! #HolyBowly @SunshineVillage . Get it while the gettin is still good at @sunshinevillage. It's still set up and ready for ya! . @SnowboyProductions, @LibTechnologies, @monsterenergy, @Arena_Snowparks

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@Kevin_Hansahn, squarin' up a perfect method during #HolyBowly @SunshineVillage. . It's open to the public for a while longer, so get out there n get some! . @SnowboyProductions, @LibTechnologies, @monsterenergy, @Arena_Snowparks

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@naoto_highwater came all the way from Japan to #HolyBowly @SunshineVillage to show Canada how it's done. πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ ⚡️πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ . Check out the full recaps from all of the days on @SnowboarderMag .com . Photo @walshmt . @SnowboyProductions, @LibTechnologies, @monsterenergy, @Arena_Snowparks

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High air, low viz. Frontside air par @BenBilocq. . Photo @walshmt . @SnowboyProductions, @LibTechnologies, @monsterenergy, @Arena_Snowparks

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@Lucas_Ouellette, stretchin' out above #HolyBowly @SunshineVillage. . @SnowboyProductions, @LibTechnologies, @monsterenergy, @Arena_Snowparks

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@corkmcnortis planting the hoof & grabbing tail on one of the many #HolyBowly Spines. . @snowboyproductions @libtechnologies @monsterenergy @arena_snowparks @Sunshinevillage

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April 01, 2017

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