June 30, 2016

Sometimes plants have multiple angle. @darrahreidm yesterday's plant @campofchampions 📷 @_lemay

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...We only post hand plants. @DarrahReidm at @CampOfChampions. Photo: @Josh.Dooley.Foto

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A lil' throwback plant from this years CDI memorial qp, since we're on a roll here. @SeanGenovese Photo: @rediculousrunner

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June 29, 2016

@Gnar_Produce smuggled this plant all the way up from Washington to @CampOfChampions. Photo: @Nosedadamous

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Why not keep this plant theme rollin’. @BrodeyWolfe at @CampOfChampions. Photo: @KeaMowat Check in with @KeenanJeff today as he handles the Dino Snap on the Blackcomb glacier.  Snap: DWDSnowboards

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Keep on plantin’ on!  @CorkMcnortis sproutin’ all 6+ feet of this one outta the Blackcomb glacier. Keep an eye on the Dino Snapchat later today as @KeenanJeff mans the Snap for the day at @CampOfChampions. Snap: DWDsnowboards Photo: @Nosedradamous

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June 28, 2016

Dig and plant rake and dig and plant and rake and dig and plant and … Session 2 of 6 is underway at @HighCascade.  If you’re already there make sure to thank @BlakeGeis and the rest of the diggers for patching your ruts.  Also, get ready for the summers second DIRT race goin’ down later this week. photo: @dbo_photo

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June 24, 2016

Pack 'em in! It's the weekend and there's still snow clingin' to a few mountains out there! #Rats 'n #RoadTrips #Henevan

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June 23, 2016

They're back!  This summers D.I.R.T. races kicked off yesterday at @HighCascade, with some quick campers, and some staff lookin’ to settle some scores from last summer.  In the end, 3 campers where the fastest! Special shout out to Shane Terracciano who was the first to welcome @CobraDogs to the event by getting inverted out of #CobraCorner on the very first run! On the staff side, it’s lookin’ like the crew needs to pick up their socks or boss man, C-Mac, is gonna take the overall win at the end of the summer. RESULTS DIRT race results - HCSC session 1 CAMPERS 1st - Sebastien Calvo - 18:27 2nd - Will Distefano - 18:87 3rd - Bear Brooks - 19:22 STAFF infection 1st - Logan Beaulieu - 15:93 2nd - Boody - 16:25 3rd - C-Mac - 16:52 SWITCH race 1st - C-Mac - 17:84 2nd - Drunk Dave - 17:94 3rd - Jay Rad - 18:00 --------------------- FULL RESULTS CAMPERS Shane Terracciano 24:71 DQ 33:36 DQ Hazel Predtzlski  21:12 20:82 Kail Pellicane 22:89 21:37 Bo Brooks 24:93 DQ 19:36 Braden Calehuff 23:61 23:26 Bear Brooks 19:27 19:22 Sebastien Calvo 18:27 18:97 Will Distefano 18:87 19:46 Matt Robins 19:36 23:41 Christian Boylan 21:17 19:87 Sky Mitchell  23:24 23:59 Joann Hunt 24:06 Oliver Bellend  19:47 STAFF Adam 17:52 18:12 switch Nirvana 18:55 Boody  16:25 18:12 Switch C-Mac 16:52 17:84 switch Jay Rad 17:04 18:00 switch Drunk Dave 16:92 17:94 switch Davester 16:76 19:36 switch Vermin 18:50 37:23 switch Corndog  17:45 18:67 switch Amanda 17:53 20:57 switch Logan Beaulieu 15:93 22:57 switch

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June 21, 2016

Pre-order the newest addition to the Wizard Skate collection, then get out there and enjoy GO SKATE DAY!  We have limited quantities on the way, so get ‘em at http://ift.tt/1jfxlBa, while they last. Art by @EthanWAnderson #WizardSkate #GoSkateDay

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Late season test flight on the #BrewsterBoard with stunt pilot @BNeri. Photo: @King_Of_The_Rats @SquawAlpine

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June 20, 2016

Earlier today, on the side of a volcano in Oregon. 🌋 Nose wheelie 180 by @Mitch_Stfg 😎 @highcascade Photo: @LouieArrigoni

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June 19, 2016

@SleeezyB is “head over heals”, for that new #BrewsterBoard.  #PunIntended #DadHumor #HappyDadDay! Cleptogram: @TurdWilson

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June 18, 2016

That new Brew got pop too! @TJKoskela twistin' a perfect method on the #BrewsterBoard. 😍 Photo: @wtaylorcox

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2017 sneak leek? #BrewsterBoard. 😁👍🏻

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June 16, 2016

Maybe you got a new board... maybe some bindings... maybe you’re slappin’ on a new sticker job... maybe you’re on your way to @HighCascade... 😬... Maybe we’ll see you there!!! 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻 Please direct all stickering technique enquiries to @Lucas_Ouellette

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June 14, 2016

Old balls, new tricks! OG, @DCashen aka Ol'dirty Cashen supports Dino, so when you need a new skate to kick around on this summer, try out one of his! @OldBallsSkateboardCo. #SupportTheHomies

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June 12, 2016

June 08, 2016

David Petrov (@petrovvvski) tweaking it out at the #MtBakerSeshup this past weekend. Head over to @snowboardermag and check out @mikeyoshida's recap of the event. 📷 by Yosh #RatBoard

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June 06, 2016

@Gnar_Producer steppin’ up at the #MtBakerSeshup yesterday! HUGE thanks (and Happy Bday!) to @Stvn_Goodell for being the one that has carried the torch for this event!  Y’all make sure to take a minute and thank him or the one in your scene that makes events like this happen!  These things are fuelled on passion. 💪🏻🙌🏻 Photo by WWD, @nosedradamous

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June 03, 2016

Two for one weekend! Seshup at Mt.Baker is this weekend too! No excuse not to get out 'n board somewhere if you're in the northwest. Big thanks to the people at the core of Seshup and CDI who really make both of these events happen year after year. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.

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Boise area is getting ready for the annual CDI Memorial QP contest this weekend. A dedicated crew of snowboarders and community members are Running To The Hills with shovels, buckets, pushers and beers. @seangenovese giving a big HeaveHo at last years #CDImemorial.

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June 02, 2016

Start your day off right with a new offering from the good people @dope_industries ! Really stoked to have stathis @al_party riding around in both directions on our boards! Check him and other dino lurkers @mattbutel @codywils and @corkmcnortis slaying @mtseymour with that influential style you associate with Dope! Link in bio 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Filmed by @borntolose @runskatechill

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