October 31, 2010


how about this treat.

chris larson by alex mertz.


...and some pumpkins.

got this one emailed us from Jack Scanlan in Bellingham. best pumpkin on the block for sure.

October 30, 2010

from behind.

BAM. method.
photo of Genovese, by Kimura. super park 2010. thanks Jess!

... and from the front.
mustache face on TWsnow.com *HERE*

photo is by Ashley Ouellette

stuck zippers

Pickle sent us this photo via Jeff.
pretty sure this is from some sort of pre halloween party in the Calgary area. the story with this is she's been stuck in this costume for about 10 years. costumes are dangerous kids. try using costumes with velcro closures only.


keep snowing...

so we can drop some cliffs.

found by J T Salamander

October 29, 2010

Dyke Boy

Named BEST PHOTOGRAPHER ever... or name for a photographer ever, or something, over at King Snow. in response to that we are assuming Dyke Boy would say this, "it's a lifestyle, not a name... and it's about damn time."


DB was recently down in town and Danger Pony sent us a couple arrival shots. yukon fiddle favourites, fresh set of antlers, dream crusher and some dino door bgp's.


Dino meat

over at bumbumbum.me blog.
good find by the guys over at Surface Board Shop in Denmark. *CLICK HERE* to check out their online shop.



October 28, 2010

Her Ugly Sweater

a new blog called 'Her Ugly Sweater', by south east dino rep Lee Pace with a new interview with Lucas Ouellette *HERE*.

halloween treats

big tricks not chocolate treats will land you a trip to the snowboard dentist for a fix up. (whoa... was that a good caption or what?)


here's a vid of Lucas Ouellette at the snowboard dentist.

October 27, 2010

kill dinos, not everything else.

in contrast to our 'featured product page' that we linked from snowboardermag.com in our noon post yesterday, here's something you can all go check out *CLICK HERE*.

...we have first hand knowledge that you dont get junk mail if you sign up for this either.


we're realllllly excited for it.


October 26, 2010

plaguing the industry

*click here* and buy them if you DARE.

linked over at snowboardermag.com



of some minds...

and some 'staches.
milton, mertz, genovese

October 25, 2010

dont say no.

go check out Hoopsnake on tour. they had a hang up and couldnt play Seattle yesterday, but are playing tonight in Portland and then back there again on Hallo'fuckn'ween.

catch a taste on their myspace page *HERE*, then go see them live on the night of the living dead.

monday matinee

... actually, still pics from the Seattle premiere of Think Thank's Right Brain Left Brain last month. check it if you havent already.

a couple photos, as shot by Jess Kimura and Ben Bilocq

logo spot.

Hupp, gap back lip.

Larson, switch mellon to switch back lip... ? damn.

banners in the houssssse.

there's your sneek peak. now go for stroll to the local shop... and grab a new dino board for yourself while you're at it.

October 24, 2010

Heneghan and the KING

*CLICK HERE* and see Hegneghan caught 'In The Line Of Fire' at kingsnowmag.com


Sunday drivin'


October 23, 2010

Dinos on King Snow

*CLICK HERE* to check it out over at Kingsnowmag.com


throw back

summer recap.

it's only partway in to fall and summer feels like so long ago.

early morning drives,

days on the hill,

and nights in the dungeon.
tight sleeping quaters.

good riddance summer time.

October 22, 2010

dont ride the dinos...


pickle photo

October 21, 2010

Exit interviews Sean Genovese

thanks to everyone at Exit for the support and this interview. *CLICK HERE*
thanks! see you guys tomorrow night!



October 20, 2010

Month of the Larson

the kid's getting printed on pages. a few ads to mention... and more on the way.

think thank ad for right brain left brain. that's Larson on the right, back 180 tail, grab up and over.. if you havent seen it, get out from under the rock. *CLICK CLACK* purchase.

DVS team ad.

which way to the beach?

October 19, 2010

Month of the KWON

Kwon base shots poppin up all over the place.

Keenan mid 90 roll? maybe. catch this in the new issue of king snow.

...this Keenan shot too.

Genovese, just another tweaker in the park. check out freerun in japan for this one.

October 18, 2010

Exit turns 17! we'll be there.

Exit turns 17 this year, and we're going to be there to celebrate next Friday and be there for the PDX Think Thank Premiere of Right Brain Left Brain. come hang out. it'll be a good one! and if it's not... sue us.


October 17, 2010


here's a great shop that is making their online store right and creating some roots.

Steve at Birdseyeboardshop.com was kind enough to do an interview a few weeks back. now you can *CLICK HERE* to read the interview and buy a new DWD board over at the Birdseye site.
Thanks Steve!
be on the look out for more interviews in the near future at www.birdseyeboardshop.com.


October 16, 2010

and if you cant buy local...

buy online.

we know that it's not always easy to find your favorite Dinosaurs Will Die product. not all of the shops out there have opened their eyes. but they're coming around. in the mean time dont deprive yourself. *CLICK HERE* and check out ANY of these fine online DWD retailers to find what you're looking for. and if you still cant find what you're looking for, *CLICK HERE* and give us an email and we'll give you a hand.

... and incase you havent heard it from us in a while, THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE SUPPORT!

October 15, 2010

Buy Local

Support your local shop. If you support them they'll still be there when you need them next time... like when those new vids drop, or when you get a core shot in your board and you dont know how to fix it, or when your Mom insists that you need new shoes or clothes and you can say, "lets go to the local shop instead of walmart'.

snocon in Seattle is one of those local shops...

they happen to be two of those local shops actually. here's some dinos at the Bellevue location.

and Method board shop in Canada, where DWD holds it down all majestic like.

October 14, 2010

Girl Guides

nope. Buyers Guides.
you've probably read these front to back and back to front by now. and you've noticed the DWD pages. the specific pages that DWD was printed on in all of these magazines was specially requested to be made of a softer, double ply, paper. since we know that the buyers guides are best perused on the throne we knew it would come in handy having a hidden stash of soft paper in case the TP runs dry. nobody likes having to do the duck waddle down the hall to the next bathroom to grab another roll.

read, wipe, flush, buy. in that order.

larson is worth the $hit. (as seen in Snowboarder Mag)

...as is lucas. (as seen in Snowboard Canada Mag)

** also, if you've been reading up in one of the Canadian guides you might have noticed a higher suggested retail than you'll find them at in your local shop, this is because we're based in Canada and we've been seeing the difference in the US/Canadian dollar become less and less over the last few months, and we've decide to keep it fare for Canadian snowboarders and snowboard shops by dropping the retail price of all DWD snowboards by $50 cdn. that doesnt suck, does it.


October 13, 2010

money and music

a good show and great friends followed the Downtown Throw Down contest last weekend in Seattle that wrapped up with $8000 in prize money being doled out and an amazing set by Wes Makepeace. we're hoping his demo drops soon, or we're going to start breaking some glass around this joint.

great show Wes!

photo by Temple (thanks for the photo man!)

October 11, 2010

not even trying

a post, for posts sake.

Turkey hangover day in Canada.

October 08, 2010

you wish this you right now.

a vid from the boys over at Good Question (Dino distributors for Germany/Austria)
opening day at the glacier in Hintertux, Austria.

if you're in Alaska, get your snowboarding fill tonight at the Anchorage premiere for Right Brain Left Brain. Or, if you're in Seattle, come hang out at the Downtown Throw Down. we'll be there, so should you... and hang out afterwards to watch Wes Makepeace, the one and only, tear the roof off.


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