September 30, 2012

A little feed back on the DWD Team Vid.

September 29, 2012

Get out to your local Dino dealer and see the new flick!

That happened Seattle. Get out to your local Dino dealer now and see the new vid! Newfoundland is already poppin and East coast is just kicking off.

Rats! You'll understand tomorrow.

@dangshades get 'em.

@garelos grabbing wieners. #dinovid

September 28, 2012

Snake reunion. #heneghan

Lovers in a dangerous scene.

Where da weed at?

@thinkthank on screen right meow.

Get some, ladies. #dinobachelorsontheprowl

Son of a Bish! Brother to Larry. @bentmetalbinders

Hide y'er grandmas! @looserbrewster

G on screen. See it tomorrow at your local shop!

On screen now. #soldout #seattle #dinovid

AK legend Pete Iverson at the Seattle premier! #dinovid tomorrow at all the shops!

Rats on course! Skins marked up! Trevor Schy!

Seattle 21+ premier about to drop. DCS is holdin it down! @diecutstickersdotcom

Tomorrow. Tonight in Seattle... If you're not at the door. Good luck.

Sun is setting and movies are ready. DWD and ThinkThank Seattle premier is about to start.

Leak of the Week: Sean Genovese

B roll... lots of it.  This is what was clipped from Geno's part for the DWD Team Vid.

One. More. Day! Seattle tonight and then EVERYWHERE tomorrow. Check the dealer list on the DWD site for the dealer closest to you to go see the new vid at 1pm tomorrow! If there is nothing near you, check and to get your copy!

September 27, 2012

Lens Crafters interview with Mike Mo and Geno over at, go check it out.

Leak of the Week: Brendon Hupp

Hacksaw Hupp... ruthless on his clips. Half his part would be in this B roll leak if he had his way.

Seattle Premier and Party tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow in Seattle! Think Thank home town premier with Mind The Video Man and Dinosaurs Will Die Team Vid. It's gonna be a party!


... Then there were two. Think Thank home town premier in Seattle tomorrow night at the Piranha Shop. It's going to go off! Then at ALL DWD dealers at 1pm on Saturday! Check the dealer list at, and call ahead for more details!

More web edits for your starving eyes..

SBC has put together a crew challenge.  Here's a link to the 8 MILE crew's edit.  Check out the vids and throw a vote out for your favorite!

September 26, 2012

Larson / Elm Company

See all the new Elm Company in the new DWD team vid, in stores on September 29th.  New Elm prody in stores now!


Leak of the Week: Chris Brewster

3 more days! 2 more leaks after this one! Hope these are tiding you over!

Brewster with a fs smith on a DWD premier tour break

Larson with the 3 more days count down. He'll be at the Seattle premier this Friday with the rest of the Dino's and Rats. If you can't make it to Seattle make sure to get to a DWD dealer on Saturday at 1pm to see the nation wide premier! (check with your local DWD dealer for more details). And have you been keeping up on the Leak of the Week's that have been dropping? Got another one coming your way in about 30 minutes! Check the blog and Facebook page for that.

September 25, 2012

Leak of the Week: Ben Bogart

Bogart... leakin'.

All is well, and everyone is accounted for after last nights Vancouver premier. The stories keep trickling in. For now, back to the count down. 4 loco more days yo! Geno is doin a front board gap out, and yosh is takin a dump in the corner. ...Seattle premier this Friday!

Van city, it was real.

September 24, 2012

To Larson, sick as a dog right now. Wish you be hear homie! You killed it this season! Get better soon.

Few people ready for the doors to open for the world premier!

Little last minute converting... The usual bumps on the road. Shuts dialed in!!!! First show is under way!

This is happening. Gotta remember to get back here on the 28th too.

Leak of the Week: Matt Heneghan

Here's the B roll... see Hene's A roll tonight on the big screen in Vancouver!

Lucas, plant to robbles. Don't forget to plant your ass in a seat at the world premier in Vancouver tonight!!! See you there!

Colorado represent!

One of many going down on Saturday, September 29th.
This one is being hosted by Michael, The KING OF ALL INTERNS, at The Tap House in Steamboat Springs, CO. Starts at 8pm.
Flyer below for more details.


September 23, 2012

Leak of the Week: Chris Larson

Larson leak!  Straight off the edit room floor... some clips that didn't make the cut.

Bogart in the top left, on a collision course with the landing pad in the lower right. Less than a week till the vid drops! See you tomorrow night at the Vancouver premier!

Jacob Nelson, all clipped up.

Got these edits from Jacob in the ol' inbox today.  Moving pictures... Thank you Mr.Edison.

Jacob also has a couple clips in the Friends section for LA, the Mt.High video.  peep it HERE.

September 22, 2012

Leak of the Week: Garrett Swenson

DWD new comer, Garrett Swenson, with some B roll for you to feast on.

With only 48hrs till the world premier, and a week till in stores - Genovese is sending it hot in the new TWsnow out this week.

Garrett Swenson, pressin' through lucky 7. 2 days till the world premier in Vancouver, 6 till Seattle and 7 till you can see it at EVERY DWD dealer in North America!

Leak of the Week (day) the Keenan edition.

A little bit'a B roll for y'all

September 21, 2012

New Elm Company / Brewster ad!

New Elm Company / Brewster ad! Give Elm a follow on the ol' gram (@elmcompany), and go check out Brewster tomorrow at Hot Dogs and Hand Rails! Keep an eye out for Lars too. He'll be lurkin'.  Good luck tomorrow Brew!


8 days! Keenan straight armin' the lip of this parking lot QP. See it in the vid. Monday premier in Vancouver, Friday premier in Seattle, Saturday nation wide premier at all DWD dealers!!!

September 20, 2012

Lucas Ouellette: Leak of the Week

We were going to put these up every week for the last 9 weeks... but how about we just do them 9 days in a row now?  ... No objections?  cool.

Hupp, puttin a new twist on an old spot. Nine more days!

The world premier... This Monday in Vancouver BC. 2 shows... All ages at 6:30pm, and 19+ at 8pm. Then Seattle on the 28th, and THEN showing in ALL DWD retailers on Saturday September 29th at 1pm your local time. Support your local shops and make a point going to check it put! Then hashtag #dinovid !

September 19, 2012

We're hitting official count down status. NASA would be proud. The rocks finest... Matt Heneghan.

Autumn Blues

If your in deep Autumn Blues and dreaming about winter, this video of Keenan and Ouellette will cheer you up or bum you out. A warm up for the DWD movie out on September September 29th.


Keenan / Elm Company


September 18, 2012

Lucas got da powda'.


A little pre-warmup to monday nights World Premier.
Some sneak peaks with Swenson, Brewster, Kerwin, Hupp, Larson, & Geno

September 17, 2012

Garrett Swenson, spin in and pop over, with precision and style.

Just another Dino family photo. Found by @thinkthank

September 16, 2012

Eirik Nesse!

Larson droppin on lucky 13

Genovese / Elm Company


September 15, 2012

Deep pow O face by Keenan.

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