December 28, 2013

Q & A with Andrew Geeves

Q & A with Andrew Geeves

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From Winnipeg front boards to Whistler switch methods, Andrew Geeves has been constantly progressing since he stepped foot on his first snowboard. Persistent on his path forward, Andrew decided to forego the rail riding that put him on the map and venture into the BC backcountry, bringing with him the style and attitude that first caught the industries eye. This has kept everything that Geeves does interesting, because you don't know what he's going to be doing next... but you DO know that what ever it is, he's following his heart, and we're thankful that he's followed it back to DWD.

DWD - You're back! How does it feel to have a Dino deck back under your feet?

AG - Feels right man! Just how I remember!

DWD - What's different about the Geeves that first rode for DWD, and Geeves today?

AG - I think i have "found" myself as a snowboarder and person now. I was pretty fresh on the scene back then as well as young and dumb. Still a bit of both of those things now but I definitely feel like I've become my own person. I don't really take any shit and stand my ground and I'm not afraid to speak my mind, which I think a lot of snowboarders are. Bunch of chameleons.

DWD - What do you think is the main reason for those changes?

AG - I think just growing older and having to deal with this bullshit corporate industry that were all involved with really wore me out. I just kinda had enough one day and snapped.

DWD - From growing up in Winnipeg to living in Whistler now... Could you have predicted the path that you took?

AG - I donno.. everything happened real quick. I knew I was gonna move to whistler.. just not as fast. haha. I was 16 and got the boot from high school. I was getting into some bad shit and I knew if I stuck around I was gonna end up into some more serious stuff, so I took off. And like not even a year later was filming with Sandbox. So that happened real quick too. Eveything happened fast for me, It was kinda crazy. I've been living in pemberton for the past 3 years though. I Don't think I'll ever be moving back to Whistler. Fun times, but not for me.

DWD - Was spending your days filming in the Whistler backcountry always the goal?

AG - Backcountry was always the major goal for me. I always looked up to the wildcats, and the majority of shredding in those videos was powder and party footage. Couple of my favorite things to do.

DWD - What do you think it takes for someone that mainly rides street to make a legitimate go at it in the backcountry?

AG - There is a lot that goes into backcountry that I didn't realize when I first started. It's very easy to get pissed off and discuraged when shit doesnt go your way, which is a lot. Weather, bomb holes, snow conditions MONEYYY!!!! Money is the huge one. You better have some cash saved from your summer job or hopefully your sponsors are down to help you out, cause shit is not cheap! haha. But the pay off is awesome. Can't beat a good day in the backcountry.

DWD - As someone that's done both, is it a totally different approach, or would you say it's the 'same shit, different pile'?

AG - Completely different. You cant get kicked out of the backcountry. Limited tries to land your shit. Weather can fuck your day up too. Can't (shouldn't) go sledding solo (unless your Gaetan) haha. Don't need a beacon shovel or probe for the streets and you also cant get buried jibbing.. haha and I could go on but you get the idea.

DWD - For you, what is the upside and downside of each?

AG - Well the upside of jibbing is you can be broke as fuck and still go do it. So thats cool. Downside of that I guess is no pow turns?... I donno. I dont even really like jibbing that much, so there's kinda no real plus sides for me, hahaha. The downside of backcountry is how expensive it is. But i mean what beats a powder day?? Definantly not a kink in the park or streets. haha.

DWD - Let's point something out for everyone that's watched the edit... You thought that switch method off the cliff in your part was small, didn't you?

AG - Yea, I wasnt too stoked on it, but im glad you guys put it in though. Good to have one of those in your parts, big or small.

DWD - Do you realize how hard of a trick that is to make look that good?! Do you have a spot in mind to get a bigger one on video for this season?

AG - Yea took me a while to figure out but once you got em theyre easy. Everyone always comments on my switch methods which is nice. Not a lot of people do them, so its cool to have it in my bag for sure. As for features, I usually like doing em off cliffs so ill try and find a nice big one of those to do it on. I've also been wanting to do it on the hurley gap... just cause it's the infamous road gap. I actually got one first T up at triconi cliffs last year but my homies forgot to film it... which woulda been the better one for my part, but oh well. The photo is sweet though. (DWD - Check the photo on Geeve's facebook profile pic)

DWD - You've been testing out a new board haven't you? How big of a difference is this going to make for you?

AG - Aghhh, dude cant fuckin wait to start charging on in! I think its gonna be a big game changer for me. Last year was tough on the 59. It's quite a bit skinnier and obviously not as long as the 62 Din-oh. It was hard to stomp things on that for sure. Was a sick board for playing around on the mtn for me though.

DWD - We're glad to have you back Geevzy!

AG - Thanks to have me back guys! So happy :) ! DWD OR DIE !!!!

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December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays from

December 20, 2013

Geeves Kills Dinosaurs! Full part dropping on Monday! Follow @AndrewPicz #GeevesKillsDinosaurs

The December march. @Splarrson putting the #RatBoard to the backcountry test. Follow @Splarrson

RATS edit 2013. RATS rEvenge.

Wrapping up this RAT week (and a half) with this 10 minute edit... 45 RATS, doin' it right. Thanks RATS!

If you haven't already seen it on YoBeat, or Method Mag, check it here.

December 09, 2013

RAT WEEK with Luke Pasishnik, @LukePasishnik Photo: @LiamGlass DWD - Where's home and what's your home mountain? LP - Cochrane, Alberta is home and Canada Olympic park is our mountain of choice. DWD - Is you're boy keepin' up on the board yet? LP - He is ripping these days! It won't be long and I'll be trying to keep up with him. DWD - Are you hoping that he'll take a shining to the camera?... Never hurts to have an extra person down to film. LP - Yeah, he already has a good grasp on framing, and getting the shot. He came out for the first day of filming this year which was sick! DWD - What are the chances of a father son edit dropping? That would wicked. LP - Definitely, there might even be something in the works already... DWD - Any plans for the season? LP - I'm really stoked for winter this year, I'm going to film as much as possible and spend a lot of time cruising laps with my family. Follow Luke on the gram! @LukePasishnik

RAT WEEK with Scott Holland, @ScooterPooter DWD - Where are you right now? SH - Right now I am in Siem Reap Cambodia. Just spent a month in Thailand and I'm heading to Indonesia next to meet some AK/Tahoe homies and do some surfing. SE Asia is amazing! DWD - Is that where you go to warm up for you season usually? ha! SH - Haha, I wish. Might have to make it an early season tradition from now on. Trying to bring the surf style with me back home. DWD - Where's home base for you usually? SH - Anchorage Alaska is home base. Born and raised, I love it there. DWD - And then you've been getting down to SLC the past couple winters too? SH - Yeah, I usually go to SLC for the end of January and most of February. That place is so fun! DWD - What are the pros and cons of each spot? SH - Alaska is rad, huge steep mountains and lots of un-discovered sketchy street spots. Sometimes the weather can be shitty (30 degrees and raining in December) and we can't drive from state to state following storms. But the good days are fucking REALLY good so I guess it kinda balances out. Utah is awesome but kind of opposite. A lot more resorts (I love Brighton), and almost every street spot is perfect. You can drive East or West or even Northwest. And the powder is truly champagne when the weather is right. Both places have amazing people, Utah has shitty beer. DWD - Besides tropical locations, what are your plans for the rest of winter? SH - I plan to return to AK around mid January. Play lots of music with the wonderfully talented Gus and Esthera Engle, and of course to film with Brendon Hupp and all the homies. We are working on a two year project called End Search, bringin back the VX. And also filming for Pozi+ Pozi+, a series of interweb edits to be made by Gus and Este. Might go to Baker around early February and possibly Tahoe in March. Follow Scott on the gram! @ScooterPooter

German maeT

Georg Schoffmann put in a season on the maeT board in Germany. Check out his edit!

December 08, 2013

RAT WEEK with Freddy Perry

RAT WEEK with Freddy Perry, @FredrikPerry

DWD - Freddyyyyyy Mutha' fuckin' PERRY!  How many names are you goin' by these days?

FP - Yo Realo! Quite a few, anything from Fredrik variations made by you, to Pudding. Don't start calling me that. 

DWD - Who's your crew that you ride with usually, and where are you guys ride at?

FP - We're a big crew over here, all the ducksjen homies and so many more. Usually we're carving at Tryvann, a resort in Oslo.

DWD - Have you been doing anything special to get ready for the season?  Have you been filming already?

FP - Man, I've been rehabing and training my ass. It was practically gone after my crash in April. Long way to go still. Hopefully get at some filming next week!

DWD - You killed it in the Think Thank vid!  How was that trip? 

FP - Thank you! It was awesome having everyone over, it seemed like they had a really good time in Oslo. Everyone got tricks and we did all new spots. Super fun and productive. 

DWD - As someone that exudes style... who do you look to for inspiration?

FP - Travis Parker, Jonas Michilot, Alek Oestreng. My favorite riders. 

DWD - What are your plans for this season?

FP - I'm filming for Think Thank, really looking forward to that. Sick to think about. They are making two videos this season, and I'm in the "special needs" one, haha. It's going to be a really cool project. 

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December 07, 2013

RAT WEEK with Ian Keay

RAT WEEK with Ian Keay, @IanKeay

DWD - Let's just cut to the chase... What the fuck is up with that method? Is that just a regular Ian Keay method these days? Damn! You know you blew @MySonStan's mind with that on @Yobeat #HateLine, right? Warn him next time... he looked like his head was gonna explode.

IK - Its compulsive method disorder, I was born with it. No but really I dont know it felt like a regular old method. You gotta always try n stretch er out to the limit. Thanks for the shout out Stan! @MySonStan

DWD - Is the tweak the new cork? if you tweak and cork at the same time... would that be a twork?

IK - Definitely. Lets slow things down a bit with the quad corks and start tworking it. If they aint squeakin you aint tweakin.

DWD - Holy shit! Is snowboarding witnessing the brink of a Tworking movement?

IK - I hope so

DWD - Where is the epicenter of this movement?... I'm assuming it's where you're from. And who are your contemporaries?

IK - I believe it all started at Blandford ski area in Massachusetts. Shaun Murphy, Henry Padden, Zack Wilmot and the rest of the BATGRASS turds

DWD - When you're not Tworking, where can we find you?

IK - Western Mass or wherever there is snow. I spend a lot of time in Vermont.

DWD - Well that went way off the intended path... let's just bring it home with, What are your plans for this season?

IK - Ride and film as much as I can with my friends, meet new people, travel to some new spots and have fun!

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December 06, 2013

RAT WEEK with Matt De Vito

RAT WEEK with Matt De Vito

DWD - Where are you from?

MDV - I'm from Wyckoff NJ a boring neighborhood with not much going on.

DWD - You're out of high school and on to College now, right? Where are you goin'?

MDV - Yup, goin to UVM in Burlington now.

DWD - Are you in some sort of snowboard frat?

MDV - No snowboard frats out here haha just keeping it easy with the heater clan, all the homies.

DWD - What are you studying?

MDV - I'm a business admin major, its pretty cool I'm learning how I'm gonna make munnniii even though i'm allergic.

DWD - Besides maintaining a 4.0 gpa, what are your plans for this season?

MDV - My plans for the season besides a 4.0 gpa are basically riding sugarbush with the homies and filming some street in Burlington and back in Jersey.

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RAT WEEK with Tom Reilly

RAT WEEK with Tom Reilly

DWD - Where's home, Tom?

TR - Home is Australia's east coast. A place called Newcastle.

DWD - Besides the cost of travel... How rad is it that you can ride pow in the northern hemisphere, then roll back home... and get some winter in Australia. Or visa versa... after the Australian winter is done, knowing that you're all warmed up to head to Japan, North America or elsewhere?

TR - Yeah its pretty rad - Riding in Australia is so much fun, and its pretty similar to the conditions in CA, nice and sunny, with the odd powder day to keep it going. The fact that I get to snowboard all year round is sick!

DWD - You had that cover of Transfer Mag last winter, right? That was shot on a trip to Russia. How'd that trip go?

TR - Yeah, still tripping on that cover, its still surreal. Russia was a lot of fun and definitely eye opening. It was a hard place to get motivated, dealing with -20/30 degrees everyday and bitter citizens, it was a bit of a shock. But Im so glad I went there and it still has so much potential.

DWD - Out of all of your travels, where would the first place you would go back to if you had the chance?

TR - Bear Mountain, it never gets old. I'd like to go back to Helsinki one day aswell, that place is so much fun, most of the stuff we hit was already set up!

DWD - Since you guys are heading into summer... are you hitting the beach, or plans to head north for some more snow in the next couple of months?

TR - I'll be flying out to CA around mid to late January to ride at Bear Mtn again, with a few other sneaky trips here and there. Its my fifth time back to the states and I cant wait, it seems to get better every year. Up until then l'll be next to the beach.

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RAT WEEK with Pete Long

RAT WEEK with Pete Long @petelong

Pete is a legend!!!!!

DWD - Yo Pete! Let em' know where you're.

PL - Sydney, Australia

DWD - How did you first get into snowboarding?

PL - Via Skateboarding I guess. I think ads in Thrasher Mag way back of Cardiel Snowboarding really planted the seed.

DWD - Ideal spot and ideal crew, for an ideal day?

PL - Early season park with everyone and anyone tapping back into the magic we call boardin.. Good vibes!

DWD - You guys are just coming out of your winter... how was it this season?

PL - The season was pretty shitty to be honest. But you get that every few years down here in the tropics ha! Our parks were still world class though.. All the medal hunters were out here getting after it.

DWD - What are your plans for the Australian off season?

PL - Im off to the states end of Dec to shred and dive into a couple new projects. Until then just enjoying summer vibes with the girl and skating till I can't walk each day.

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December 05, 2013

RAT WEEK with Eirik Nesse

RAT WEEK with Eirik Nesse @EirikNeezy

DWD - Where are you from Eirik?

EN - I am from Oslo, Norway!

DWD - How many times have you been to BEAR now?

EN - I think I've been there four times, I love to be warm and snowboard at the same time

DWD - You're on your way to Colorado, right? Where are you gonna be riding at?

EN - I got here a week ago, been riding slalom between all the coaches in keystone and Breck.

DWD - Who are you over with?

EN - Headed over with Dina Treland, and there are like 20-30 other norwegians here too.

DWD - That edit from Fonna this summer was awesome. Are we gonna see some more edits dropping early season?

EN - Thanks! I dont know really, think Daniel J is working on some stuff we did 2 weeks ago with Perry and the homies

DWD - After Colorado, what are your plans for the rest of the season?

EN - The day I get home, I'm gonna build a kicker and tranny for a rad wall ride spot I've been looking at everyday on my way to work. The plan for the rest of the season is filming with the postland crew, gonna be sick!

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All y'all Rats 'n Dinosaurs! Get out and celebrate the week's end with us at @FortuneSound, Vancouver. -

We take a quick RAT WEEK intermission to inform you the #AndrewGeeves' @AndrewPicz full part from @Dope_Industries #Dope3 is available online right now for FREE. Watch it, pick your jaw up off the floor, commence your daily doings. -

RAT WEEK with Nic "Horn" Heringa

RAT WEEK with Nic "HORN" Heringa @Hornapalooza
Photo: Alex Mertz @mertzphoto

DWD - For those that don't already know... what is the name of you company?

NH - SALMON ARMS fish for your hands @SalmonArms (DWD note - check them out... buy them... be hyped)

DWD - Please explain to everyone, and us, why you're not listed on the team?

NH - Never put much thought into it. As the only Employee over here i get to pick the team

DWD - You know that you're making us look like conceded assholes over here, right?

NH - Yup, at least you guys didn’t get opener or ender in your own movie though...

DWD - You were blowing peoples minds with your snowboarding and one foot ability up at High Cascade this summer. When did the one foot stuff start?

NH - Outta high school, I used to teach beginners how to snowboard. So i guess it started out of boredom, it was also a much more practical way of herding tourists who have never seen snow before.

DWD - And... in case anyone is unaware, you are the only person on this earth to ever have done a one foot, BARE FOOTED, Mctwist. How does that feel?

NH - Pretty fucking good but everything feels good after a case of beer. Glad to have really upped the progression of the sport haha

DWD - What do you have up your sleeve for this season?

NH - Stoked to get Back up Seymour with everybody, Been a pretty dry start to winter up there. Learn some tricks , film some tricks ,and make some new mitts . Also going to try and get the “HOWWWWLER” out of hibernation and embarrass myself in the backcountry.

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December 04, 2013

RAT WEEK with C-Mac

RAT WEEK with C-Mac... @CoreyMcDonald

Photo: Tom Uecker

DWD - How did you find snowboarding? And how has it kept you under it's spell?

CM - In 5th grade my dad bought my brothers and I (there are 7 Mac bros.) a Skeeter snowboard thing it was closer to a snowskate. I ended up using it more than my bros. in the hills where I grew up. After that year (86’) I would spend my winters on that thing and dreaming of real snowboarding but it wasn’t till 4 years later till I could get on a real board. been trying to figure them out ever since.

DWD - Drop some knowledge on these youngin's who don't know... What is the CDI memorial?

CM - CDI is a ¼ pipe memorial for my best friend Carson David Ianson. It’s a late season (early June) Snowboard “comp.” camp out in the mountains of Idaho. Me and a group of friends shape a QP and set up rails and jibs and get rad. this year will be the 12th year we have done the event. It’s a pretty magical time for sure.

DWD - Since you were first introduced to snowboarding and then being a sponsored rider, then building parks, and being the man on hill at HCSC in the summers... you've seen a lot in this industry from a few different angles. What do you think has changed in snowboarding for the better?

CM - More rider owned companies! Snowboarders starting companies and making them successful is huge and betters the industry for sure and more so kids supporting those companies makes it thrive. I have never been so proud to ride a brand as I have DWD what you guys stand for and promote is in my mind everything “better” about the snowboard world. I also feel like kids are finally respecting the history of snowboarding and genuinely proud of it. Pat And T-bird at Snowboarder are really doing a great job helping keep the history in kids thoughts and I think that’s huge in making snowboarding better as a whole.

DWD - We've been seein' a lot of photos of you on snow early this season... and a couple action shots. Are the rumors true?... full part in the works?

CM - Yeah I have been trying to get out as much as possible early this year. I have been wanting to document a few things for a while now but my travel schedule never worked in my favor. I am doing my best to be around more this winter and trying to tag along with Philip (Damianakes) and AJ (Ogden) to see if I can get some clips. Stoked going out with Phil he is getting good behind the camera and still kills it on his board his encouragement has been awesome! I am no spring rat so I figure now is the time.

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RAT WEEK with Kevin Hanson

Photo: @crackpipe

DWD - So we just dropped that DWDxHCSC edit... you killed it! Was that just a regular couple of days riding for you? or were you on a roll?

KH - ha, Thanks! i was just stoked to be at hood for a couple days camping and getting to board with almost everyone from DWD. Plus that park at HCSC is mad fun!

DWD - Where'd you learn to ride like that?

KH - I guess maybe growing up skateboarding alot probably helped for sure. I also played a ton of Ice hockey till i snowboarded for the first time then it was the end of that..

DWD - In you're opinion... Who's got the best style on a deck these days?

KH - Thats a tough one really, but i gotta say Keegan i've always kinda looked up to him and his riding for sure.

DWD - What's your home mountain? and Who do you roll with on the daily?

KH - Ive grown up riding Stevens Pass, and havent strayed far from. I usually board with Mr. Lever, Peppa, (fellow Rat) Trevor Schy, Tone Loc and all the boys from SPSS.

DWD - Saw that you had a clip in Derrek Lever's part in the KTC flick... that spot looks sick! Any plans for this season?

KH - No, not really actually other than riding my snowboard on whatever i can, and as much as i possibly can! Other than that hopefully film and put something together.

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We don't apologize in advance for all of the rad people that you're about to learn a little more about over the coming days. #RatTheFeed! Enjoy.

Vancouver Rats party... So here's the spot to be this Friday if you're in town!

December 03, 2013

DWD x HCSC, full edit

... winter? naaaaaaw.

If you ain't first, you're last. This could quite possibly be the last summer edit you'll see from 2013. Check it, then register for your 2014 summer session at High Cascade. ... then go ride some pow in the freezing cold.

See you there!

December 02, 2013

PARTY WAVE, full video online now!

Boardin' is alive and well in SoCal! Did you like Richie's part yesterday? Check the full movie! PARTY WAVE, online now!!

Great job on the edit #Beef!

Year Of The Snake - FULL VIDEO

It's gonna be a day with a few videos on this feed... be ready.

First up, check out Hene, Horn, Lucas, Keenan, and the God in the YEAR OF THE SNAKE vid.

Russ, The God, killed it on this edit! And Hene did a little interview with him for to go along with the full video release... so do a bit of reading and see some of what makes him tick.

follow this link for the interview.

December 01, 2013

If you've been paying attention to an internet feed near you, good chance you will already be familiar with most of the RATS that we're going to catching up with this week. Thanks to all of the RATS for doin' what you do because, "it's SNOWBOARDING, and what else would you do!?" Rat Week with Richie Conklin ... DWD - Where do you live at Richie? RC - Long Beach/Big Bear DWD - Shouldn't you be a Surfer? RC - I like to pretend I am for a few months out of the year. DWD - If not surfing, why snowboarding? RC - Probably Because you can go higher and faster. DWD - Last question, what are your plans for the season? RC - Ride bear with the homies of course and just try to get after it filming. Hopefully take some trips and come out of the season with shots I'm hyped on. Nothing too solid yet though. ... Check out Richie's part in PARTY WAVE!

Rat Week with Richie Conklin

If you've been paying attention to an internet feed near you, good chance you will already be familiar with most of the RATS that we're going to catching up with this week. Thanks to all of the RATS for doin' what you do because, "it's SNOWBOARDING, and what else would you do!?"

Rat Week with Richie Conklin

DWD - Where do you live at Richie?

RC - Long Beach/Big Bear

DWD - Shouldn't you be a Surfer?

RC - I like to pretend I am for a few months out of the year.

DWD - If not surfing, why snowboarding?

RC - Probably Because you can go higher and faster.

DWD - Last question, what are your plans for the season?

RC - Ride bear with the homies of course and just try to get after it filming. Hopefully take some trips and come out of the season with shots I'm hyped on. Nothing too solid yet though.


Check out Richie's part in PARTY WAVE!

RAT TALES #1: Peyton Brockhoeft, Liberty Mountain opening day 2013

Rats Kill Dinosaurs! ...Thanks homies! #RatTheFeed #RatsKillDinosaurs #Rats #ThankYou #RatWeek

Powder Hips are alway welcome on opening days. @brendanwkeenan taking the Kwon59 for a test drive.

The second installment of @Think_Thank's 2013 video offering... For FREE. Today only on @snowboardermag

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