August 31, 2013

Friday night done right. @SammyZim, took the plunge. #ScaredForLife #DInoScar #DownAsFuck

August 30, 2013

Friday! Squeeze every drop out of summer that you can, while you can. New Dino deck are droppin' soon, and they're bringing winter with them. #AintNobodySafe #BuyDWD #RepeatUntilDeath @benbogart Photo:@NateCruise

August 29, 2013

Got your copy of the new Think Thank flick??? Get on it! Shipping right now. Available at and on iTunes! Regram:@think_thank

August 28, 2013

@SeanGenovese Hump Day interview on today. Put on your reading glasses and give it a once over. @yobeat @brookegeery @mysonstan

August 27, 2013

A big Happy Bday to the man behind the pencil behind the Kwon graphic, @JesseRobinsonWilliams! He makes art and rips on a board!!! He can also grow the shit out've a beard! #HappyBday! #ArtistsNotAthletes #Kwon

Well, its #StealAPhotoTuesday again... This one is @Alex_Herrmann off his 'gram, demonstrating how you should properly duck to avoid a skier that is about to javelin a ski pole at you. Good form Herm... Good form. No doubt He'll be in the #DWDxHCSC edit as well. Photo:@awhush

August 26, 2013

Maybe you can tell us what's happening here. Regram:@kennethhaugans reRegram:@mortenbendiksen

August 25, 2013

Jay Minassian front boardin' that whoopty wooooooop. Catch it in the #DWDxHCSC edit droppin' soon. @JayMinassian

August 24, 2013

Future RAT @Alex_Herrmann was hangin with Mr.Hood. Sure to have a few clips in the #DWDxHCSC edit! #MisterHood #MisterHoodsWildRide #RATS #RatTheFeed

August 22, 2013

Check out the ONBOARD product guide in Europe and see all the new boards comin out this season! Decide which DWD deck you're gonna get, and if you can't buy a Dino, support the homies! The Kimura and Burtner pro models lookin reallll good! @danger_p @think_thank #WhereDatBogeyBoardAt? @onboardmag #BuyDWD #RepeatUntilDeath

Sneak leak at a clip of Lars @DarkLawg that we poached at the Think Thank premierE for #BrainDeadHeartAttack the other week. Pre order it now at ... Vids ship on Monday! @think_thank

August 21, 2013

The new Kwon graphic brought to life! You'll be able to get your grime little paws on your very own in a few weeks! Check it out in all of the Buyers/Gear/product guides now! @keenanjeff #Kwon art by @jesserobinsonwilliams

Got a sneak peak at Brewster's part in the new Transworld vid last week at Windells. He done realllll good! @looserbrewster @TWsnow @windellscamp

August 20, 2013

Someone's gotta clean up this snowboard industry. ...Geeves is on it. #AndrewGeeves #OG Full Geeves part for your hungry eyes soon!

Where there's a will, there's a way. You northern hemispherians wanna ride some pow? Get to Australia and meet up with jAi, @dinosaurs_will_die_downunder, and the rest of @TheRatBags crew! Regram:@pirate_eye Photo:alen46

August 19, 2013

How To Get A Wicked Photo On A Hip 101: with Jeff Keenan @KeenanJeff. Point it, grab it, tweak it. Photo:@eddy_densow DWDxHCSC edit in the works. #MisterHoodsWildRide #Timberline @highcascade #zeachman

August 18, 2013

Brew testin' out the flat camber on the Bogart pro model deck. Good for jumpin', good for jibbin', good for nappin'. Get yours soon! New gear shipping in September. @looserbrewster #DWDxHCSC #Timberline #MisterHoodsWildRide

Get y'er copy of the new @Snowboardermag Gear Guide, and start making your DWD wish list! New gear will be shipping soon! Regram:@natecruise

August 17, 2013

Coronas and Tacos

It's the weekend... get down with Taco's Seymour Park edit from this season.

Zeachman on Zeachman. Big Mike , @Zeach_man himself, clippin' up for that HCSC session 6 edit that dropped the other day. Check this photo and a few more in the HCSC session 6 photo recap on! Photo by #ColeMartin Stolen off snowboardermag.con @highcascade @snowboardermag #Timberline #MisterHood #MisterHoodsWildRide #DWDxHCSC #Zeachman #ZEACHMANxMAET

August 16, 2013

Richie Conklin tweeeeeeeeking in the HCSC mini pipe! Check out more HCSC session 6 recap photos at Photo by Greg Furey @gfurey @_dicks_pix @snowboardermag @highcascade #Timberline #DWDxHCSC #MisterHood

Keenan and Hene, sessioning the jammer to downbar at HCSC last week. Clippin' up for the #DWDxHCSC edit. #MisterHoodsWildRide @KeenanJeff @MattHeneghan #Timberline

August 15, 2013

@keenanjeff FSPlanting in the dying minutes of the #HCSC season. Look out for the DWDxHCSC edit! #MrHood #Timberline. Photo by Polaroid Master @danger_p

August 14, 2013

Good times last week with the #Campita crew! Thanks guys! #LordOfTheFlies #DWDxNAPITA #DrinkItDry #MisterHoodsWildRide. Till next year...

August 13, 2013

The @Think_Thank premier went down last week at Mt.Hood. We could give you the play by play, or we could just tell you that it fuckin' rules! And you can pre order it now over at #BrainDeadHeartAttack

August 12, 2013

@DylanTrewin gettin the shot he traded his elbow skin for. Wait for it in the DWDxHCSC edit... Dropping, soon? #MisterHoodsWildRide #Timberline #HighCascade #HCSC

No pain, no gain. @DylanTrewin sacrificin' a lil' skin to get the shot. #MisterHoodsWildRide #DWDxHCSC #Timberline

August 09, 2013

Hangin with Mr.Hood #MisterHoodsWildRide

August 07, 2013

The Kwon and maeT board in the TW Gear Guide, seen floatin' around Mr.Hood. Check out all the new boards at a DWD dealer near you this September. #MisterHood

August 06, 2013

Charlie's still got it. #MisterHoodsWildRide

August 05, 2013

It's goin down, down under! @petelong nose pressin'. Regram:@dinosaurs_will_die_downunder

August 04, 2013

Ol' man Keenan, taking the stairs down. @keenanjeff Photo:@mertzphoto regram:@snowboardcanada

August 03, 2013

Was your Friday night an 11 out of 10? Happy hangover from @lucas_ouellette. #RemembersEverything

August 02, 2013

If you wake up tomorrow with something like this stained into your skin, your Friday was an 11 out of 10. Good luck and be safe tonight. @leepace is #DinoForLife #DinoScar

August 01, 2013

Down side up. @keenanJeff runnin' into Japanese trees. Regram:@902_masaki

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