August 31, 2009


a shot of the crowd after the AC/DC concert the other night in vancouver. thought i was going to see a heart attack on stage... those guys got energy.
acdc in vancouver

August 28, 2009

Chris Larson "first and last" on Seasons Zine

A few firsts and lasts with Chris Larson on Seasons Zine.
larson seasons zine 1

larson seasons zine 2

August 27, 2009

UPDATE.. we have core's, I mean are CORE?

Found this little beauty of a comment on TWSNOW after the B(urton) movie teaser. Pretty good teaser I might add, cant wait to see it and a bunch of movie's that are coming out this season.



Is he? ...she? ...he/she? ... ... ... it.


August 24, 2009

Bear Cubbin and Chris Brewster welcome DWD back to the web.

Chris Brewster welcomes us back to the world wide web,

and we ran into Brendon Hupp at HCSC last session and he put together this vid on their blog.

August 23, 2009

summer clean up

here's a bunch of pics and screen grabs of stuff we've found while wasting time on the internet. and some pics that we've been sent by wicked people who are down for dwd. thanks to all.


theos unions
Some proto dino highback graphics from Theo.

snowboarder ANTPM chinese downhill 2009
A finish line shot from the chinese downhill portion of Snowboarder mag's A.N.T.P.M. contest this summer

roger parmlee MAGICAL gogo site fp
Roger Parmelee on the front page of the Magical Go-Go site last season. When do you have enough speed to do an "urban" method?... when you wax with Go-Go.

lucas oullette westbeach fp1
lucas oullette westbeach fp2
2 shots of Lucas Oullette from the West Beach site last season. West Beach outerwear? like that wicked OG brand? that's the one. Dont sleep on West Beach... or Lucas.

dwd flag hood house 2008
Bird house, Micah flag. Summer '08

dwd rail 1
Who WOULDN'T want to see this rail at their mountain?

dinos in the sand 1
Sandy dinosaurs...

dinos in the sand 2
More sandy dinosaurs... ... not enough blood for my taste.

dino and chiwawawawawawawa
Stupid dog.

dino from david in norway
Dino-fiddler on the roof from David in Norway.

dino motorhome idaho
Best paint job on a motor home in all of Idaho... i think we've seen this before.

dino/ubc farting
Not sure... but it sounds funny.

clayton cotton 1
clayton cotton 2
DWD supporter from day 1.
2 Clayton Cotton pics.

arrival board shop front window
Arrival board shop front window display from last season. A bunch of shoes with backwards checks, and a DWD deck... check.

70's cb750
Why not.

jacob parmlee east coast hype man
Jacob Parmlee also says, "Why not?"

gary milton... methodologist
Gary Milton. Master of Methods.

light painted dino
found this on some site tangled up somewhere in the web.

whistler bubble art - found by andrew prost
Andrew Prost and I were riding down in a bubble chair on a wet day in Whistler this summer when we found this gem.

cory mac - mthood method
Stolen off of Cory Mac, another addition to the G.F.G.M. club. ...Goofy footers with (good, great or grand... you pick) methods.

August 21, 2009

High Air contest vid

"Do you believe that America is the land of opportunity?...."
The only rule is that you're board has to hit the dinosaur.

Congratulations to Danny for going the biggest.

August 20, 2009


Check out our POO-LAND distributer blog, it is truly amazing.

They are putting together a movie,

Almost live.

This is a photo that Dre just sent me from his phone... I'm pretty sure this is his new truck. AK keeps it aggressive.

Dino fish from dre

August 17, 2009

Windells Dream Feature Edit.

Windells 09 Session 7: Dream Feature: Dinosaurs Will Die from Windells on Vimeo.

check their website out at WWW.WINDELLS.COM

More edits to come!!!

Now we can house party.

now we have a couple weeks that we can party down.

August 14, 2009

L.D.O.H. of the season

Last day of the season at HCSC


Foggy Hammers


August 13, 2009

Mega Super Huge Big Large Enormous Giant Oversized Healthy Fat Recap Post of DWD's Snake Bowl at Windells

Here's a shit ton (thats an actual measurement) of photos from last week.

The beginning of the snake bowl. just a trench.

Here it is after we shaped it.

Jeff taking the supervisor position.

snake bowl sign 1
Check out the kid in the top corner doing a backy. He looked like he should be riding in 1996... in a good way.

milbery and cornell
Pat Milbery basically organized the whole thing. Thanks Pat. This is Pat and Cornell. Cornell is Pat's C.P.A.A. sponsor (Cell Phone Addicts Anonymous) As you can see he's not coming off his addiction very easily.

Lucas... rake raper.

lucas back scrape
Snow is soft. Lucas's back after a perfect landing.

sean and larson in the lodge
Me and Larson holding down the lodge.

tall sara
Tall Sarah, being tall.

Lucas pretending not to look at the camera.

lucas flat land turn
photo magic. Lucas ... fear of a flat planet?

sean - salty dog
Salty dog.

Jeff playing tourist in a Crevasse.

Shot from the top of the snake bowl. Trevor on the middle "tit"... mid 1080.

Larson and kitty.

rainy day drive
old school rules... rain or shine.

Larson wishing he was still in bed with kitty. At least you had a jacket, fucker.

Jeff taking it from the corner to the middle tit. backside 180.

Lucas and Trevor.

Lucas back tail on the wall in the snake bowl.

Jeff and Trevor "warming up" the dino for the high air contest that we did in the snake bowl.

snake bowl sign with blow up dino

Jeff with the dino high air marker. the only rule was that your board had to hit the dino to count.

sean - camera air dino tap
Me with the camera, NOT hitting the mark.

Lucas hits the mark with the backy.

winner of the high air in the snake bowl -  Danny
Winner of the high air contest. Camper Danny!

Jeff, finishing the job.

You just have to make it one more day Jeff.

Lucas learning a new trick.

Did you get the shot?

trevor - shaka braa barrel tap
Trevor, shaka braaa hand barrel tap.

trevor bs 180 mellon cut out
followed up by a backside 180 mellon on the cut out.

sean -  ollie over couch gap
Quit playing on the furniture. fuck yo couch.

sean -  bs 180 couch gap
I lined this up perfect so that I landed sitting on the couch.

ride Union bindings
When you ride DWD's you ride Union bindings.

Last day. Dropping Lars at the airport.

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