November 20, 2014

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@Boardshop_5420 in North Bend, WA, is hookin' up a signed, color changing Wiz tee with the next Dino deck that gets bought in store. Get dat!

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Q & A with Brendon Hupp

If you fancy yourself a DIY'er in the snowboard video world, you should take some influence from Brendon Hupp. Raised on the JB Deuce and early Think Thank style of filming with digital cameras in a time when most snowboard movies were still striving to use 16mm film; and impacted deeply by the first Kids Know and Video Grass projects, Brendon soon picked up a camera of his own and started filming his own, Bear Cubbin', videos along with Mike Morgan in Anchorage Alaska.

Since those early videos, Brendon's taken a hiatus from being in control of his own snowboard video projects in favour of filming for two Think Thank projects and the DWD Team Video, but has simultaneously been building an arsenal of VX1000 video cameras, shooting with point and shoot film cameras, and posting to his tumbler, turned website, The kid is always on the grind... but it's easy to say that Brendon has not put out the best video part you will see from him... this is because when the person organizing, filming, and editing a video project, is also trying to be in the project, often times their time in front of the camera is sacrificed for their devotion to the project as a whole and spent hitting record for whomever else might be trying to squeeze the last bit of daylight out of Geno-hour.

Last season Brendon decided to come out of his video creating retirement and begin a new project called End Search. Heading into it's second year of filming, he's aiming to avoid any sponsor pollution or unsaid sponsor obligations with this project by trying to raise the funds needed to finish it independently and by pre-selling copies and merchandise via

While Hupp's best video, and video part, is currently in the works, check out this short interview with him below, then link to the End Search kickstarter to learn more about the project and we'll do our best to keep you up to date with Magic-Hour-Mondays dropping here and on all winter long. ... oh yeah, and it was his Bday, yesterday! #EndSearch #MagicHourMoves
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DWD - Which came first... Brendon Hupp the filmer, or Hupp the hacksaw wielding snowboarder?

BH - Probably the boarder, didnt pick the camera up until later on.

DWD - It seams like since the beginning you've handle the camera, and a board. Do you feel like it's a necessity for riders these days to know their way around a camera?

BH - Its definitely not necessary like it used to be but its also much more difficult now. The equipment being used currently is far more complicated, and standard for filming is much higher. At the same time everyone and there kid sister has some sort of camera so maybe more people know their way around a camera (phone) now.

DWD - Who do you usually ride with, and why the hell did it seam like you had a cameo in every video last season (Fall 2013)? How many vids did you have cameos clips in? And how many videos had clips in them that you filmed last season?

BH - The usual suspects Garrett (Swenson), Bruce (Chris Brewster), Lars (Chris Larson), Gusmah (Gus Engle), Wolfe (The future), Pooter (Scott Holland) and Jerry when im lucky. Pretty sure i only filmed one clip of Burtner's nephew for #RightTurnLeftTurn and there was only one cameo in the Stink Stank vid... the answer you probably want is... I filmed clips for stink stank, Vagina Grass, TWS and Party Snake. I think I had clips in most of those projects as well, excluding VG.

DWD - Okay, Let's get to the real shit... You dropped a skate edit this summer and you're in the middle of working on a snow flick right? Tell 'em what it's all about. What's the name, who's involved, what's the plan, and when we can expect it.

BH - I'm making a VX video with Garrett, Bruce, Gusmah, Geno, Rus, Lars and some other homies called End Search. We started filming for it last winter. This season we'll be going on a road trip from Anchorage to the lower 48 and just lurking around on our own terms.  We plan on trying to finish it up after this winter but I'm not feeling any pressure to drop it before its ready...

DWD - In your opinion, since we know you have one... What is the future for snowboard videos?

BH - Da web! Nah I dont know.... Seems like companies are finding it far more budget friendly to make little web series which are pretty lame. It just sucks seeing an amazing clip in a poorly produced edit that is lost the next day. Its like a fucked up maze of waste, with little flecks of gold in the mix and no one knows how to filter the shitty shit out. On the other hand all these 'personal projects' are pretty sick because they get friends together and thats when you are able to produce the best possible project. As long as we still have full videos that aren't being made strictly as a marketing tool or product catalog, but as a way to convey your vision of boarding and the things that relate to it.

DWD - What are 5 of your top pet peeves about snowboarding or otherwise.

BH - I am guilty of most of these things but in no particular order; - dslr edits - Social media/ self promotion - Lames running companies that have way to much say - Garry's and Jerry's  - The wrong people getting all the $


There you have it. Check out, for more and to secure yourself an early copy of the End Search flick

November 17, 2014

Vincent Grandmaison FULL PART from The Headstones

Vincent Grandmaison... Full part from The Headstones movie. You won't be disappointed.

Full Headstones movie droppin' soon.

VINCENT GRANDMAISON "FULL PART" The Headstones from The Headstones on Vimeo.

In just a few hours... #VincentGrandmaison #FullPart

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November 10, 2014

NBP Agency's snowboard edit

In order to celebrate their first year anniversary, DWD's Quebec connection, NBP Agency, just dropped a video of their best moments from last season. In collaboration with Nowamean and JEP Media, the video presents the crew from their entire snowboard program.

Follow them for their anticipated skate program video that will be released next summer.


NBP Agency - The snowboard program from nowamean on Vimeo.

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