March 31, 2013

Next level delam fix. #notAdino

Distance check is key for the fresh stance setup. @mattbutel #distancecheck #Kwon

Check out this roof top mini ramp! Larson, definitely goin' blunt fakie in this one. @darklawg regram: @brendonhupp

March 30, 2013

@salmonarms? Check. Fresh 2013 Geno Dino deck? Check. Commence flipping off of everything. #KeenanFilmer. Search 'im on da YouTube.

A Sunny Caesar, On a fresh Maet. Wish you where here! @fishy709, @instagrim88 #spicycaesar

Pickle and Marcos set up and ready for a sunny day on location at Hemlock Resort in BC.

March 29, 2013

Geno, #blf. Back lip Friday's. We out... Here? @seangenovese photo: @ @mountseymour

TJ done gone method. Photo: @bibbyphoto @mountseymour @tjkoskela

@MattHeneghan, Last weekend in the Seymour park. Switch bs 180 nose press. Photo: @bibbyphoto @MountSeymour

March 28, 2013

If your in the Lower Mainland BC this weekend, come test drive some 13/14 Dinodecks at Hemlock Resort.

Loggen THREE!!!

... with freddy PERRY, eirik NESSE, and more! edited by daniel JACOBSEN.

Keep up on for more top shelf boardin'!

March 27, 2013

Hey Australia! This just in: Your Dinosaurs Will Die snowboards! At a shop near you (if you're in Australia or New Zealand) soon!

Front 3's up Mt.Seymour with TJ Koskela. Photo: Andrew Bibby @mountseymour

March 26, 2013

"Utah, ... Make it two!" (to young for Point Break quotes?). Next season get 2 Zeachman x maeT boards for the price of 2! Droppin this fall so that gives you plenty of time to start savin'. @zeach_man @brendonhupp

March 25, 2013

Lord Of The Lines, Footy Fiend edit

Check out this edit and witness how the Lord Of The Lines contest at Mt.Seymour went down this weekend. DWD's own Matt Heneghan took home a novelty size cheque and a first place trophy filled with beer.

Eirik Nesse and Dina Treland

They're good... damn good... and Eirik isn't even afraid to slap up a smith through a kink.

Hupp partied super hard this weekend. @brendonhupp

March 24, 2013

And, for the win... Two time reigning Lord Of The Line champion... Matt Heneghan! #Congratulations! #ThePeoplesChamp #lordofthelines @coastalriders @mountseymour

Front row watchin @fastandloose and @banrock play on hill. If you ain't ever seen 'em your missin' out. #WesMakepeace @mountseymour #lordofthelines

Lucky Luciano brought game to #lordofthelines yesterday. @bvch_lvbvie @coastalriders @mountseymour

O.G., Adam Field showed up on the scene yesterday! @adamfield83 @coastalriders #lordofthelines

Heringa holdin on with some Salmon Arms. @salmonarms @coastalriders #lordofthelines

These assholes... Also known as The Judges, or the peanut gallery. #@coastalriders #lordofthelines @mountseymour

March 23, 2013

Game day with ECS...robbed out of a spot in the finals. #blindjudges @ecsphoto @coastalriders #lordofthelines #itsallaboutnextyear #canucksforthewin

#DeadBeatDad on course with the people's champ, Matt Heneghan. #WheresForest? #lordofthelines @damonestagram @mattheneghan @coastalriders

Rahim carvin' up the competition at 'Lord of the Lines' today at Seymour. @mountseymour @coastalriders

Full DWD coverage of the Coastal Riders 'Lord of the Lines' contest, commencing now. Start it with this Brockle sighting. Let the clog feed begin. #ClogTheFeed @borntolose @coastalriders #lordofthelines

In contract renegotiations with J.Kwon's agent. He makes a convincing argument. 4 more years! 4 more years! @keenanjeff

March 22, 2013

An (ovu)Late light ice slash made a good vid shot today for @lucas_ouellette. Photo: @tayeg

What is a RAT?

Mark Boldizsar rides a maeT, but he could be a future RAT... you never know.

Hene sleepin' on the job. @mattheneghan. ...will somebody get this guy some salmon arms already? @salmonarms

March 21, 2013

DWD in the SLC. Get y'ers at Milo kid. @milosport

March 20, 2013

Elph edit from Bear team trip

Hupp through together this little elph edit from the team trip to Bear. No steady cam on this one boys.

Don'tchew know we loco?

March 19, 2013

Jungle fever

Check out the pussies in this edit with Matt Devito and Avery Baratz... Serioulsy, there's a pussy in it. Brooke at Yobeat is gonna love it!... and you will too... or else!

Get your DWD fix at local Stevens Pass dealer, SPSS. @spssnw

Belly slide, bitches!!!! Ian Keay rippin' the shir outta Last Call at Loon Mountain on his Kwon board! Photo by @think_thank @iankeay @credo413shoppe #Kwon

March 18, 2013

Infamous Distribution comin' atcha with style

Need a dino board in France? Tell your local shop to get ahold of Infamous!

Plenty of Dino's on the scene during the demo after the Minor Threat contest at Stevens Pass in Saturday. @mattheneghan @keenanjeff @seangenovese #TrevorSchy #BartPatituchi #ClintGraham @kevin_hanson @sir_garv_a_lot

Jordan Rat up at Stevens Pass yesterday with 17" of fresh and back 3'ing windlips for days!!!

March 17, 2013

Method off with Heneghan, Hanson, and Patitucci at Stevens Pass, Washington during the Minor Threat Demo

March 15, 2013

Happy Friday night! If you do it right tonight you might be lucky enough to wake up with a masterpiece like @clayton_cotton

Brewster, puttin' in his dues.

If you're filmin', you're fallin'... it comes with the territory. Check out Brewster puttin' in his dues for the new TransWorld vid, NATION.

March 14, 2013

Think Thank in Norway - Loggen #2

Check out some clips of Hupp and Freddy rippin' a few night laps in Norway with the Think Thank crew for their new video Brain Dead, Heart Attack! Available August 2013!

Try your luck at winning some Dino gear at the first annual Battle For GNAR-nia, this Sunday at Mission Ridge in Washington. Brought to you by @defcongloves and supported by DWD and other wicked brands!

March 13, 2013

Last week was SBC's Grade Eh board test. Long time Dino supported @dezprice, ripped a massive backy on the 13/14 Kwon.

Wishin' a speedy recovery to Kody Yarosloski

... Why do we put ourselves in harms way like that? 'Cuz that feelin' you get while riding away from a good trick is just too damn good to pass up!

Good to hear you in good spirits, bud! You'll be back at it soon!

March 12, 2013

Freddy Perry @fdperry gettin a little filming time in with #UncleRosco @wall_ross and @ThinkThank, on their recent trip to Norway for #BRAINDEADheartattack

En Francais

Hide your women... the french boys got moves. Here's a park edit put together by Lionel Simon.

March 11, 2013

Even though Lucas's BS180 didn't make it in to Sunday In Th Park, it will see the light soon.

Big Bear mashup! Good times riding with everyone last week! Check out Sunday In The Park, episode 10, for all of the action... online now at

March 09, 2013

DWDxBEAR Mountain, Sunday In The Park

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you would notice DWD Team was in Bear Mountain this past week. Have a watch of Sunday In The Park 10 for a glimpse of what went down. If your in California check out GetBoards and

Keenan flashin' Arms at Big Bear this week. Looks like a school may have found their way down stream. Check 'em out at @salmonarms, and in tomorrows Sunday In The Park! @keenanjeff @bear_mountain #DWDxBEAR

The Big Mike'man and the Zeachman. Base time on the 13/14 maeT. @zeachman #DWDxBEAR bigmikeart

Eirik going upside down for The Rats, Norway, and Jump Club. @eirikneezy #SundayInThePark #theRATS #Rats #jumpclub #DWDxBEAR @bear_mountain

March 08, 2013

Dinos, Rats, 'n homies, ads up to a big ol' crew.

March 07, 2013

Genovese with a Bare rock gaps at Bear Mountain

From the looks of it, this shot won't be in the next Sunday In The Park. @darklawg @bear_mountain #DWDxBEAR #roastthebeef

March 06, 2013

Eirik Nesse holdin' it down for the Rats and Jump Club for the next Sunday In The Park. @eirikneezy @bear_mountain #DWDxBEAR

Brewster was/is here. @looserbrewster @bear_mountain #DWDxBEAR

"Let's go to Big Bear and show people what it feels like to have a brush with death". Here Larson almost kills a local... The hunting is good out here. Sunday In The Park in progress. @darklawg

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