October 28, 2013

Q & A with Matt Heneghan

Matt Heneghan, aka, 'Hene' (hee-nee). In no particular order; he loves his friends, he loves his girl, he loves rap, and he loves snowboarding, (and according to his own words on AngrySnowboarder.com, he loves Jamaican food too). Since this is a snowboarding thing, we'll get into his love of snowboarding a bit deeper. (To see his love for the rest, follow him on instagram. @MattHeneghan)

This is how Hene's usual Fall day goes in a nut shell... Wake up, find every new snowboard video that the internet has to offer... and watch them. Go to work. Lunch break, poach some wireless and search for any new videos that have been posted since the early morning hour. Find said video... get pissed (also know as going Zero to One Hundred) because the 'found' wifi isn't loading the video fast enough and the lunch buzzer is sounding. Reluctantly get back on the grind. Get off work. Get home, watch the videos that he couldn't watch on his lunch break, and find more... ... ... ... you get where this is going. Hene loves snowboard videos. He's what's known as a video kid. A video kid is like an art connoisseur. Through much study and training they have built value to back their opinions... and boy do they have opinions. Much like art, snowboarding videos are not all accepted by the critics and connoisseurs the same. The video kids like to discuss their video opinions with others, they like to debate the good and bad parts of each video, and... they have their favorite artist... yes... in video kid's eyes, snowboarders are artists... not athletes.

Sport enthusiasts look else were, here is a short Q&A session with one of DWD's finest and accredited snowboard connoisseur, Matt Heneghan.



DWD: How was it filming for the DWD Team Vid that was released last fall? (shameless plug. go buy the vid on itunes and www.thinkthank.com)

MH: Filming for the team video was cool because I wasn't originally slotted to have a part. I knew the vid was gonna happen and even though I didn't have a full time crew I just did my regular grind with my man Russ Lee @StylingInMonrovia. The season started off slow with a couple bad injuries, but I kept working, and a trip to AK made it possible for me to pull off a half part with the homie, Garrett. Shouts to all the Alaska dudes for helping me out. Hyped I got to be a part of the movie and then the team!

DWD: How did the video project go this year?

MH: The project this year was business as usual. Filming with my friends Nic Heringa, Jordan Bell and Russ Lee mainly. Also some late season shit with Geno and some lurking with Lucas and Kwon. Check out our movie, "YEAR OF THE SNAKE" online soon!

DWD: In your opinion, what makes for a good video?

MH: A good video needs to be fast paced and have music that actual snowboarders enjoy. I don't know who's listening to all this slow electronic dub step shit. Rock and rap and a comedic choice or two is all you need!

DWD: With that said, what makes for a good video PART?

MH: A good video part should showcase someones personality and should also be focused on someone's trick and spot selection. Its all about doing the right trick at the right spot. It doesn't always have to be what's the current hardest trick, just make that shit look good! And use a good song obviously.

DWD: What was your first video?

MH: I think the first video I owned was 411Snow: Volume 2, but the first video I remember was Technical Difficulties.

DWD: What video has had the biggest impact on you?

MH: Lil Bastards, Represent and After Bang.

DWD: In your opinion... Video of the year?

MH: Other than YEAR OF THE SNAKE? hahaha. Think Thank and DeJa Vu

DWD: Video part of the year?

MH: Danimals and Jonas in Last Ones

DWD: Rookie video part of the year?

MH: Dillon Ojo in Bangarang and everyone in Working For The City 2


There you have it. What is your opinion on Video, Part, and Rookie vid of the year?

October 14, 2013

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