April 26, 2013

DWD x Seymour edit

Just in time for your Friday lunch. A few Dinos... A few Rats... A few future Rats.

Chew on that.

April 22, 2013

Brewster dropping a method at this years Holy Bowly, Check it out online @snowboardermag, brought to you by @snowboyproductions

Holy Bowly

Krush and the boys killed it at this years Holy Bowly. Brewster made it over for some high speed lines and hip airs.

April 21, 2013

... They're out there.

April 18, 2013

April 16, 2013

Backcountry pose. @keenanjeff

April 14, 2013

maeT Heneghan. @mattheneghan

April 10, 2013

Lord have Mertzy! Alex Mertz @mertzphoto, Freddy Perry aka Fred P. aka Douglas Perry aka...aka...aka... @fdperry, The God Russ Lee @stylinginmonrovia ... 8 of 8 ... #RATtheFeed!

Scott Holland @scooterpooter, Matty Worbel @rattymobel, Longy @petelong, BIG Mike @zeach_man ... 7 of 8 ... #RATtheFeed!

Radio RAHIM @redrumradio, Michael 'Spam' Hamlyn @rdblklumberjack, Mike MO @mike__mo, Yosh @mikeyoshida ... 6 of 8 ... #RATtheFeed!

Bart Patitucci @barlena, Danny Koriath @koriath101, young Neezy Eirik Nesse @eirikneezy, Mathias Nesheim @mathiasnesheim ... 5 of 8 ... #RATtheFeed!

Tommo Tom Reilly @tommyshred__, Jeffy Rat Robinson @666jeffy, #TrevorSchy, Kevin Hanson @kevin_hanson ... 4 of 8 ... #RATtheFeed!

None other than the ECS aka Eradicator aka Azdeck @ecsphoto, Richie Conklin @richieconklin, Ian Keay @iankeay, OG #NeilGoss ... 3 of 8 ... #RATtheFeed!

True Rat #SamBakken, #OliWeisner, Corey Mac @coreymcdonald, Mr.Gary Milton @garelos ... 2 of 8 ... #RATtheFeed!

#RATtheFeed! Castro @its_castro, Ghetto D #DaveKerwin, Suderman @pukesuderpants, Luke Pasishnik @lukepasishnik ... 1 of 8...

13 Days in Hel

Check out Australian Rat Tom Reilly in 13 Days in Hel, A glimpse into a mid winter trip to Finland.

13 DAYS IN HEL from BigHugs on Vimeo.

Check out Australian Rat Tom Reilly in 13 Days in Hel. www.vimeo.com/bighugsfamily/13-days-in-hel

April 08, 2013

Beef, it's what's for dinner.

A bit of DWD slidin' around under Butel and Filmer's feet in this edit.

DWDxSeymour edit AND DWDxBear edit comin soon? ... Maybe. Hene on that Dino down bar at Seymour. @matthenehgan photo/regram: @bradheppnerphoto


Keep your eyes peeled for more from the FP.

April 05, 2013

Stas Belov, front blunt for mother Russia! #white4flies

Method 13.4

Moscow Meat

Taste a little Moscow Meat on this fine Friday.

April 03, 2013

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