November 30, 2012


Good way to break up a long drive.

Stache 'em 'n Bash 'em!!! Tonight! (actually tonight this time, not like the lie we told you yesterday) Dino Team Vid will be showin'... the first 20 people there will be getting some bonus stuff! And it's all for a great cause! Go support if you're in the Denver area.

Revelstoke/Society Premier

With Revelstoke opening this weekend Society is throwing a DWD Team Movie premier.
If your heading that way check the info here.


 If your not in the area the movie is out now at your local DWD dealer or on itunes.

November 25, 2012

This crew.

November 11, 2012

November 09, 2012

First Day Up Seymour

First Seymour edit this season dropping from Russell Lee featuring Heneghan and some other fools.

November 08, 2012

DWD Team vid, available on iTunes now!

Aussi Represent.

Check out Australian visual art magazine Akute.


Giving love to RATS Pete Long and Matt Wrobel
And their photographer Lee Bakker


Check it out here.

November 03, 2012 reviews the DWD Team Vid

Minus the fact that Keenan's part was neglected (read keep reading for our own review on that part on yobeat's behalf), who knew Lipton had a heart?! Thanks for the review!!! Click HERE to Check it out over at and if you've already seen the vid and don't need a review, a few yobeat comments are always entertaining.

... Now as we were saying... we will try and embody Mr.Nick Lipton and give a review on Keenan's part for everyone. (Since the dollar worked and he gave a great review we're a little thrown off... but we'll do our best)
Close your eyes and picture Nick's voice... "DUUUUUUDE!, (because when us boarders are hyped we say 'dude', right?) The DWD vid blasts out of the gate with the much anticipated, way over due Jeff Keenan part. Like a bat out of hell or an asshole tearing down a highway with one hand on the bars and the other gripping a shitty beer... it's reckless abandon! While you'd assume that Keenan would keep it to the back country you see real quick that he'll roll with the rest of the kids in the streets when need be... even if it almost kills him. 'Wild' best describes this one!"

*snap* Whoa... that was a great out of body experience... We really feel like we channeled that one perfectly.

Go buy this fine ass flick, just in time for a good weekend of viewing. (goes well with beer... if you're of age)

Get on Grendie's level. WHABOWWWWW!!!!

November 02, 2012 7 questions - 70 words - 7 days... with Geno

A few words mumbled from Geno for ... Get familiar with that site, they have a good thing goin on. DIRECT LINK, HERE.

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