October 31, 2009

MORE happy halloween

dwd pumpkin face
the nose looks like a butt.

keenan halloween muffins
keenan halloween treats. one of these is "special".

keita dino costume
this dinosaurs is dressed up as keita dog.

goul face muffin
no eyes.

striking cobra
Jan's future striking cobra purchase. tomorrow it will be 50% off, and it will be his.



October 29, 2009

Not So SUPER Post.

Come out support Lucas Ouellette at the 6&7's premier in Vancouver tonight. Lucas was spotted on the pages of SBC's last issue, along with his photo comes an online story of the trip that got him the shot.

We received this photo of Josh trying to knock out a dinosaurs in front of a pub in the middle of the day.
JOSH's $500 and class C misdermeaner for hitting this DINO
The day time fight got Josh a $500 ticket and a class C misdemeanor charge for assault with a deadly weapon.

FS Board Shop in Edmonton AB, thought we were cool enough to put us in the front window display.
FS shop front window
If your in the Edmonton area make sure to stop by and say HI!

October 27, 2009

Nuu Life Vancouver premiere

this thursday.
nuu life vancouver premiere poster

October 26, 2009

Proust Q&A at Method Mag

what's a Proust? click here and find out.

sean Method Mag "proust" interview

October 23, 2009

Fresh Fridays

a walk about with Birnie. if you dont know him, you know of him. or maybe you don't.

birnie fresh friday 6
"of course we're going to put these photos on the blog."

birnie fresh friday 5
pay attention kids, fuck the belt matching the shoes, style connoisseur OMB matches shirt to shoes.

birnie fresh friday 4
the chicken dance with a plaid hat on... but seriously, dont wear two different plaids. that was a test.

birnie fresh friday 3
while some of you have been snowboarding on 2 inches of snow with a 3 foot rail in the woods, Dave's been at his secret training facility practicing for crowded airports. theres concrete in those bags. he's going to blow minds in 2010.

birnie fresh friday 2
also some practice taking the stairs for when the damn yuppies are jammed up on the escalator. the vertical lunges are paying off.

birnie fresh friday 1
then to ninja some product and debrief for meetings. B-ball, heads up! incoming prody.
just an average friday.

October 22, 2009


some dwd love over on the Union Bindings site.
dwd on union binding blog

October 20, 2009

First and Last at Seasons Zine

click here to read another DWD "first and last" at Seasons Zine.
seasons Zine

October 18, 2009

Sunday Reading

here's an interview from a few months back on push.ca with Wes Makepeace. click here... or here.
wes PUSH interview

October 15, 2009

Design time

a few designs sent to us from Joe

October 14, 2009


Jon Hanlon... a wheeler... a dealer... a down ass mother fucker.

October 13, 2009


was just driving through a mountain pass today and noticed it was cold... damn cold. summer is OVER.
and here's an old photo i found of damon to celebrate the end.

October 12, 2009

more found

they keep turning up. Corey Mac found this one in the snow up at Hood this summer. then it bit his collar bone in half.

corey mac found dino 2

October 09, 2009

This Bitch is Back.

dwd web is back.

there were doubters... but we're back online in full effect. well 99% effect. you met Bogart at the door, he's rad as shit and a good friend of dwd. now a quick run down of the new site...

the shitty bLOG- all the usual. spelling mistakes, shitty grammer, crappy content and bad language. everything your parents told you not to do.

product- the basic run through of the dino prody. we even got specs on there now for the new boards. recognize the innovation.

Team- that's the not so much done yet part. but we're gonna get that up sooner than you think, but probably not as soon as you'd like. as the team pages go up we'll let you know in the shitty bLOG.

Ads- we took all our old ads and put them on here so you could check'm out, and keep an eye on the new ones... they're good for desktops and all that stuff too.

Vids- same as the ads pretty much, this is just a start. we got a bunch of new and older vids we're going to be putting up in the next bit as well.

Links- all the links you need to zone out and get nothing done at work for an entire day.

Dealers- not your older brothers friends... the other guys down the street. find out who's got it near you. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHOP. and if they dont got it, we got online dealers.

Distributors- if you're from outside the US or Canada, these are the guys you're going to want to get ahold of to find out where the DWD goods are around you.

DWD Store- says it in there... this is going to be the future home of last minute, limited edition, special DWD products. we'll give you all a heads up when that starts rollin.

Contact- pretty straight forward... so if you got a local shop that doesnt have the boards there's no excuse... we're easy to get ahold of.

... now, with all that said, go to the Downtown Throwdown if you're in seattle tomorrow, and if you're in anchorage tonight go check out the bear cubbin and think thank premier. think thank's roots and home away from home premier.


October 08, 2009

Getting antsy?

well, if you happen to have a time machine, or that "beam me up Scotty" thing that they have in star trek, you could probably pull this fantasy fun filled weekend off.

first, go watch Cool Story.

second, have a beer in portland/tigard and go congratulate Exit on it's sweet 16th bday. blow out some candles, check out another vid... get loose... probably buy a dino board while you're there.

third, on Saturday afternoon warp to Pioneer Square in Seattle and watch a bunch of boarders (including Chris Larson) in a real life death defying rail contest. maybe even get risky and be "that guy" that poaches the contest naked, but i doubt that will get you much more than a lot of ice balls thrown at your nuts... and they'll be cold, so you wont look very manly. unless your a girl, then i highly suggest this.
DTTD 2009 poster

fourthly, (fourthly?), go to denmark. always a good time, but on this trip you could grab some snowboard souvenirs, and say hey to the guys at Surface board shop.

that's it. now surf the web and wait in anticipation for the real dwd site to drop. ... tomorrow? who said that?

October 06, 2009

Huck web interview

Genovese Huck web interview
click HERE to read it.

October 05, 2009


EX-DINO rider Andrew Geeves makes it to the TOP 10 on the Transworld Exposure Meter. Guess that means hes going to have to buy us a bottle of whisky for all the pre-hype.


Congrats Geevsus!!!!!!

Don't wait

Larson and Gus aint sleepin on a few inches of fresh.
courtesy bearcubbin blog.

October 04, 2009

Cool Story seattle premier

a few pics taken before the camera died at the seattle premier of the new Think Thank video, "Cool Story", last weekend.

dwd banner
our new banner. thanks to Pika for grabbing this out of a kids hand that had ripped it off the wall right when the premier ended and was half way out the door. two of the think thank banners didnt get saved unfortunately. there's a reward for their return over at the think thank site.

cool story premier stage
the stage was set. T-Yosh, Pika and Burtner up there giving away free shit.

the verdict is in.

some posters for Krugmire's bedroom walls.

T-Yosh joinin' the club with the perm-o-hawk. and some crazy Elvis lip thing goin on.

larson cool story part screen photo
screen photo from Larson's part in the vid. yo Lars! sometimes i get frustrated to... like when you dont send me the photos for your section on the site. ohhhhhh shit.

October 01, 2009


I wasnt going to post this but then watching it over 30 times.... FUCK IT


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