July 31, 2015

Hey hey heyyy! Time for the long post challenge! A.K.A. the DWD x HCSC #DIRTrace #session5 results. Hope you got your bets in, cuz betting is closed and we're about to see if someone pulled the trifecta. Before you read the results we'd like to beg the west coast to pull up their socks and get in the game next session... The east coast is dominating. - Camper results 1st - Kyle Cross, 12:52 2nd - River Richer, 12:58 3rd - Yannik Messmer 13:08 - Staff infection 1st - @OhKeyKey, 12:80 2nd - @Vincheesel, 12:82 3rd - @DarkerPuke, 12:86 - Sweeeeech race 1st - @dickfartstonersurfer, 14:59 2nd - @JayMinassian, 14:93 3rd - @BlakeGeis, 15:06 Thanks everyone for racing! See you next session for the final race of the summer! -Full results Nathan Roy 16:32 15:05 River richer 12:58 12:68 Kyle Cross 12:94 12:52 Joey Binder 22:41 23:60 Dylan Cook 14:80 13:97 Aiden Julives 27:35 38:03 Joe Clarah 20:74 16:72 Yannik Messmer 15:80 13:08 Ian Ogden 17;40 15:36 Dan Mernick 17:60 17:13 Alexis Vocatura 17:26 DQ but the best wreck we saw all day! Alina Stevens 16:32 19:73 Alexandera Aboukhater 23:04 DNS Silvi Kruger 23:35 DNS Elijah Winngham 13:80 DQ Hannah Cackler 17:64 14:70 Ethan Pilapu 14:44 14:16 Jack Chreniawsky 13:97 13:40 Dan Pergren 14:19 DQ Matt Engle 15:71 miss DQ Jenya Jenkins 23:99 17:42 Madeline Kuss 20:71 17:97 -Full Staff results J-Rad DQ 13:20 13:13 14:93 switch Blake 12:97 13:61 15:06 switch Parker 13:43 12:86 Adam 14:59 switch 19:79 13:80 Matt Ruley 15:19 Eli 13:99 Vinny 12:82 DQ Dylan Metz DQ 19:06 15:26 Kit 16:56 12:80 28:93 Jack Harris 13:87 13:99 Trewin 16:88 Verm 17:23 DQ 15:62 #DinoInternationalRaceTeam #LongPostsAreHot Your welcome, @SnowboyProductions.😆😘

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It's that time! The session 5 #DIRTrace is today at @HighCascade! "What do I care, I'm not at camp"... Well, let's make it interesting. Bets are now open! Check the past winners on the #DIRTrace tag, get to know the jockeys; who's lookin fast, who's hungry, who's busted, who's even at camp?? Post your guess for the top 3... If someone can pull off the trifecta, we'll send you something in the mail! Insider tips of the week: - @darkerpuke is fast, but @blakegeis is gunnin' for him. Buuuut they both had a couple wobblie pops last night. - Vinny decided he needs to race this week - We're going to wake @MasterFalcore up before the race. - @KCross69 waxed last night - it wasn't @jayminassian's bday last night, he'll be going fast. - @dickfartstonersurfer races faster switch - @coreymcdonald is on a fresh deck. ... You'll have to figure out the rest. Place your bets! #DinoInternationalRaceTeam

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July 29, 2015

Seriously, Australia... We're jealous, and that's an understatement. ... We'd like to have @RaphLouis's shifty as well. @Dinosaurs_Will_Die_Downunduh Photo: @PeteLong @ModestEyes

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July 28, 2015

It's powder season for OZ. Long time Australian Rat @petelong with a proper method on his #LarsonBoard. @modest_eyes @dinosaurs_will_die_downunduh

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July 27, 2015

Dry slope... Cuz mom will kill you if you ride your board down her stairs. @pattymac07, pokin' one out at Next Level snow flex camp. Photo @michaellkane

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July 26, 2015

Cuz you saw it twice and its good enough for a third. Hit @_dicks_pix with a Happy Bday viewing of his season edit posted up on the DWD FB page. Happy Bday, G. Photo: @jupiterpeople

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July 24, 2015

Check @blakegeis and @jayminassian in #DiggerVision episode 2, on @captainjack187's gram page! 📷 @captainjack187 #KwonBoard

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Third place #DIRTrace guy, @NoahGuarriello, with the ol' up 'n over on the barrier at @HighCascade. #BasesOut #KwonBoard

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July 23, 2015

@gnar_producer goin' U.F.D. on L.D.O.H.! @HighCascade session 4 is a wrap! Can't wait for sesh 5!

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July 21, 2015

DWD x HCSC #DIRTrace #session4 results 😵. We'd like to apologize in advance for allowing these three to win this sessions #DIRTrace. We'll do our best not to let it happen again. #EastCoastSweep 1st - River Richer, 15:96 2nd - Kyle Cross, 16:01 3rd - Noah G, 16:85 Full Results Kyle Cross 17:65 16:83 16:01 Lukas K-F 17:50 17:49 17:50 River Richer 16:04 15:96 Noah G 18:23 16:85 Alex Mendelssohn 23:30 DNS Molly Hignell 20:24 18:62 Isabel Ridley 25:17 19:37 Hunter Benard 18:48 17:39 Brandon Willy 24:15 23:11 Aiden T-P 23:54 27:44 Ethan Wipel 22:09 27:46 Warren Doyle 22:60 17:97 Caleb Willy 20:22 19:66 Jenya Jenkins 18:99 18:74 Madison Kuss 20:20 19:21 ... Staff Infection was heated as usual... They could do this blind folded, switch, with a bag of salt under one arm and a take over their shoulders. Come to think of it, maybe that's how we'll run 'em next session. We'll probably open some betting brackets as well. Start doing your homework for next weeks bets. Congrats to J-Rad for pullin' in the Bday Third! 1st - Parker, 16:23 @darkerpuke 2nd - Blake, 16:43 @blakegies 3rd - J-Rad, 16:90 @jayminassian Full staff results J-rad 17:79 16:90 Adam 18:39 switch 17:06 Parker 16:45 16:23 Mounis 18:86 DNS Amanda 19:32 20:39 Blake 16:45 16:43 Oliver DNS 17:99 #LongPostAreTheNewShortPost @Highcascade

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July 20, 2015

Jrad (@jayminassian) getting upside down and out, with an eggplant on the QP. @HighCascade Diggers have been working hard and camp is looking good. #HCSCdiggers #maeTBoard

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July 19, 2015

Kickin' it out with style! Hope y'all had an epic weekend! See this shot and more of @jopiwankenobi, in @snackbreaksnowboarding's second vid dropping this Fall. photo @samubaba

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July 18, 2015

Winner! Congrats, Caleb!!!

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July 16, 2015

Tomorrow is first day on hill for session4 of @HighCascade. This is @SeanGenovese with an Andrecht from last session. Sean and @dinosaurs_will_die will be giving away this exact same snowboard. For more info check out and follow Seans Instagram & check out our previous post. #GenoveseBoard

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July 15, 2015

Geno wants to give you his snowboard! How do you enter? Follow @SeanGenovese and @DinosaursWillDie and leave a comment below. He'll put every name in a hat and draw a winner. It's that easy. Good luck! #EasiestContestEver

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July 12, 2015

Yesterday was LDOH for the boys up at camp on Blackcomb. The park is still open on the Glacier, so get up and go ride. #ldoh #dinostack #cheesephoto

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July 11, 2015

The @HighCascade staff have spoken! And they want their damn times NOW! Staff came out in full force this session so they needed their own results. There was a lot of side bets are on the line in this one, so they'll have to figure that out in the comments. Without further adieu... Easy footed 1st - Parker Duke, 13:62 Easy footed 2nd - Blake Geis, 13:66 Easy footed 3rd - Matt Rob, 14:15 Switch 1st - J Rad, 14:15 Switch 2nd - Adam, 14:58 Switch 3rd - Parker Duke, 15:66 Staff infection, full results. (+.1 for knockin' gates. You're better than that) Amanda 15:94 15:20 25:28 switch Adam 15:50 14:67 15:19 switch 14:58 switch Jay 15:54 14:59 14:42 15:50 + .1 switch 14:15 switch Parker Duke 15:65 DQ 13:62 15:66 Switch C-Mac 14:18 +.1 16:16 switch Blake 14:43 13:66 Dan 16:44 +.1 15:39 Camron 14:71 +.1 14:24 Brendon 14.68 17:81 Nic 15:66 + .1 14:79 Lee 15:28 13:88 + .1 Eli 16:30 15:73 Jeffry 15:55 Matty 16:68 Dylan Trewin 14:83 Terri 15:47 Matt Rob 14:15 Keenan 15:02 #LongPostForLife #Novels #PulitzerPrize #JustForYou @SnowboyProductions 😘 #FollowSnowboy #DinoInternationalRaceTeam

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DWD #DIRTrace session 3 results The competition was crazy this session! ...and these three proved faster than fast. 1st - Dakota Mckenzie, 14:87 2nd - Cole Valles, 14:96 3rd - Barrett Kilroy, 15:14 They won a bunch of rad stuff and are in the draw for the new #WizardStick at the end of session 6! Full results Warren Doyle 16:91 15:69 Kyle Harrison 17:24 DNS Logan Eggvedt 17:73 17:50 Buzz Smith 18:64 20:50 Max King 17:89 16:79 Kai Shidler 22:45 DNS Andrew Woodleaf 19:89 16:62 Decklen Murray 18:29 18:61 Jack Richland 17:71 17:14 BJ Walters 21:47 18:46 Matthew Pearson 15:98 15:56 Jack Kleist 19:25 17:35 Tom Combs 15:97 16:01 Landon Kestlinger 27:15 20:68 Chris Demarchi 17:48 16:73 Cole Valles 15:34 14:96 Barrett Kilroy 15:84 15:14 Corbin Eckels 27:94 17:28 Ashley Rot 16:51 16.12 Michael Williamson 17:31 15:80 William Mercer 17:05 15:99 Ann Betterm 17:52 17:35 Jobe 18:31 DNS Andrew G. 16:09 DNS Ozzy 15:78 DNS Dakota Mckenzie 17:33 14:87 Stefan Flaton 18:05 19:73 David Bishop 18:13 17:23 PJ DNS 17:80 #DinoInternationalRaceTeam @HighCascade

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July 10, 2015

You're at @HighCascade... Curfews passed... And you're wondering what tomorrow's gonna bring. ...The session 3 #DIRTrace! Win free #DWD stuff and a chance at a new DWD #WizardStick! See you on hill tomorrow! Sign up starts after lunch. 🏂⌛️🏁

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Full winter time down under, Aussie rats rippin Mt.Buller preseason. #cleptogram from @dinosaurs_will_die_downunduh #Wizardstick #larsonBoard #Genoveseboarf

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July 09, 2015

@Gnar_Producer, tossin' one over the horizon at @HighCascade. photo: @greezyRiley @UnionBindingCo

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July 08, 2015

Turning and Burning at today's #RatRace. #DIRT member @CoreyMcDonald with a toe side hack down the berm. #DinosInternationalRaceTeam @DrinkWater

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Built for speed! @KeenanJeff visualizing a win today at the @WeDrinkWater #RatRace. #DIRT #DinoInternationalRaceTeam

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July 07, 2015

Stoked to be back at Hood. Even better to watch this guys rip. #foggyphotoofafoggyledgend

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'Bout that time of the day. @DarkerPuke vs. #TheBigJump @HighCascade.

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"It was all that Dan Marino's fault, everyone knows that. If he had held the board, bases out, like he was supposed to, Ray would never have missed that trick. Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell. Would you like a cookie, son?" Don't piss off Finkle. #BasesOut @Taylor_Stout, proper bases out. @ErikHoffman_, not missing the trick. @WindellsCamp

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July 06, 2015

Y'all ready to kick tail to the sky tomorrow? @HighCascade session 3 starts tomorrow. @Devon_Gulick kickin'. @Yves_Saint_Le_Ron shootin'.

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It's Monday Morning & @lucas_ouellette is flipping the bird. Get ready for a hot week of glacier ridding at Blackcomb and Mr.Hood. #wizardStick #fingered #tailblocked

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July 05, 2015

Some nights are permanent. #DinoScar #Respect 🙏🏻 @BlakeGeis

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July 04, 2015

Freeeeeeeeedom! @Gnar_Producer, settin' that back hoof free for America! Happy 4th of July! Get awesome today! 🇺🇸🎉🍺🍔🇺🇸🎉🍺🍔🇺🇸🎉🍺🍔🇺🇸 photo: @greezyRiley @HighCascade @UnionBindingCo

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July 03, 2015

@Its_Castro opting to take corner two off the top rope. #SessionTwo #DIRTrace @HighCascade #DinoInternationalRaceTeam

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July 02, 2015

@Lucas_Ouellette keeping it cool on the glacier with a Wizard Plant (🔮🌱). He is probably listening to Sabbath, Ozzie or even ACDC in his headphone to pull of this extension. #WizardStick 📷 @brodeywolfe

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DWD D.I.R.T. race session 2 results!! #DinoInternationalRaceTeam A bit longer of a course incorporating a few banks and passing through the QP photo shoot gauntlet kept everyone on their toes and made this the best course since the last best course. 1st - Daniel Wynn - 17:70 2nd - Dana Swartz - 18:31 3rd - Alex Fatkin - 18:67 These three add their name to the draw for a 15/16 #WizardStick that will be announced after the last session at @highcascade! Thanks to everyone that raced this session! Think fast and start training for session 3! Full results: Alex Fatkin 19:46 18:67 Avery arjang 19:77 19:64 Jarod Johnson 22:88 DQ Brady Harvie 22:19 21:03 Nathan Liderman 20:28 20:66 Ben Sacks 20;13 DQ Dana Swartz 18:31 DQ Olivia Gill 19:78 19:55 Margret Maruszewski 25:45 25:34 Daniel Wynn 17:70 22:04 Staff results: Jeffy 18:44 16:75 J-Rad DQ (shorter cones requested on corner 3 next session) C-Mac DQ but saved it with a method on the QP Austin Sweeten DQ but won the QP Dylan Trewin DQ. Actually just forgot to time him, so we'll just say he got a 22:00 for his Bday.

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July 01, 2015

If @DylanTrewin could do absolutely anything on his birthday it would be this air to fakie. Running the Session 2 #DIRTrace would be a close second. Looks like you got your wishes, bud! Happy Bday to you 'n Canada both! Session 2 race results droppin' tonight. Who's goin home with free shit, 'n gettin' their name in the draw for a Wizard Stick this time?!?!?

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