February 28, 2010

wrap up

a couple shots from Vancouver.

Keenan getting a history lesson from Kidwell.

in your imagination do you ride rocket boards on bottles that look like they're filled with concentrated pee? ...of course!

GO CANADA in the gold medal hockey game tonight. shit, that slipped out. just the Canadian side of our "Jock" mentalities shining through.
damn, jock snowboarders.

on that note, noticed today that Curlers call they're last shot a "Hammer". coincidence?

February 27, 2010

snowsurf the interweb

it doesn't have a great side cut, but it's got flat camber so it must be good to jib on.

February 26, 2010


got a shot of Trevor (on the right), and his friend Kevin (on the left). shot by their buddy Tim Seguin.

Trevor is one of the brains behind Epoch, and it's his 21st Bday today. so if you have an order in for an Epoch hoodie it might take an extra day or so i'm guessing.


February 25, 2010

the kids are alrigh'

you'll hear about this again... but so you can put it on your calendar.

OMB's "The Kids are alrigh'" snowboard jam
Sunday March 7th
Noon in the Pit Park


OMB presents THE KIDS ARE ALRIGH snowboard jam

February 24, 2010

time machine...

shots from SIA trade show in denver a couple weeks back.

josh baird
Josh Baird. DWD colorado rep... visualizing the next sale.

Larson and Brewster taking the necessary steps. first the xgames popcorn, THEN the xgames, then the chicks.

blog photo trade out
shoot out in the hallways. blog photo swap with the guys at Search distro. hit them up if you're a shop in Japan.

devices... mad devices.

larson with mad looooot
Larson beat the SIA pinotta and look at all the shit that fell out!

bode merril
friend, homie, rider of the year... in our books. Bode Merrill.

February 23, 2010

talkin' shit

sent by Jonas in Austria.
if we had a transcription here of what this board was saying to those skies we'd have to put a parental warning on this post.
shot in austria by Jonas

February 22, 2010

holy oly photos

p.o.v. of the o.l.y.

holy oly 2010 1/8
snowboy and his snowcastle. Krush and the snowboy crew made this "feature" happen.

holy oly 2010 2/8
Trevor Schy. cant hide good style with camo pants.

holy oly 2010 5/8
the officially unofficial mayor of whistler, Wes Makepeace.

holy oly 2010 3/8
cobra dogs for all !!! thanks Cory!

holy oly 2010 4/8
Corey Macdonald and Ryan Garvie.

holy oly 2010 6/8
Wes getting warmed up for the after show.

holy oly 2010 7/8
P-mac, Garvie and Corey Mac keeping warmed up at the after show.

holy oly 2010 8/8
a good night out usually has a little red involved.

keep an eye on thinkthank.com in the near future. guessing there will be a short edit up there.

February 21, 2010

get'em while you can...

we get emails from people who are looking for old boards all the time... so dont let next year roll around and wish that you had that Geno, Kwon or MAET graphic from the year before. get em now, while there's still a few around. take a look at the dealers list and if one isnt near you, hit them up and see if they'll do a phone order... most of them will. the time is now.

this also applies in Denmark and everywhere for that matter.
here's a flyer for a shop sale at Surface in Denmark. starts tomorrow.
denmark sale feb 2010

and a couple shots from a contest that they put on a little while ago, and a vid to go along with it. they do it right in Denmark.
snowpark 8000 DENMARK 1/3
snowpark 8000 DENMARK 2/3
snowpark 8000 DENMARK 3/3

February 20, 2010


not exactly what we had in mind...

dead dino mono ski?

February 19, 2010

Holy Oly twenty-ten

check it out a and hang out, then stay and watch Wes belt out more than a few good songs.

this SATURDAY at Summit at Snoqualmie (hyak)
holy oly 2010

February 17, 2010

dont steal... but check this.

found this Chris Larson video part from Think Thank's COOL STORY online. dont steal.
check out Larson's part, then click over to the thinkthank.com store and get the whole damn thing.

February 15, 2010

ass, umption.

this has absolutely nothing to do with anything snowboarding... except people listen to music while they snowboard sometimes... and this is a song... so maybe you could listen to this while you snowboard... ... ... ???

February 12, 2010


Our boards are not handcrafted in India and no Horses are harmed in making our boards. This was made in India and Im pretty sure Horses where harmed while making it.

February 11, 2010

love those airlines

just got an email from Chris Larson... it said, "And fuck airlines."
... should be a good story.

February 10, 2010

Air time with Oullette... and friends.

Lucas Ouellette and some friends in a Westbeach Airtime episode.

February 08, 2010

History In Style

John Cardiel
John Cardiel
Chris Roach
Chris Roach
Craig Kelly
Jeff Brushie
From past pages of Transworld

February 07, 2010


comp crashed. could be slow on updates for the next week.

February 05, 2010



February 04, 2010

Seymour Daze

February 03, 2010

Think Thank teaser

we're proud to be a sponsor of the next Think Thank project, "Right Brain, Left Brain". being filmed for as you read this.

February 02, 2010

Genovese Team page online.

check it HERE, or through the TEAM link.

genovese team page

February 01, 2010


Dino Face Vs. Cat Fish

moostachio DINOface
cat fish

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