August 15, 2014

August 04, 2014

Thank you SNO-CON

Last weekend the north american snowboard community received news that Snowboard Connection in Seattle would be closing it's doors after almost 25 years in business. DWD would like to thanks SnoCon, and ALL of its former employees for the love and enthusiasm that they always showed Dinosaurs Will Die. We'd also like to remind everyone that purchases snowboards and winter equipment to support their local shop that in turn supports their local snowboard community. These shops are our back bone, they translate what every brand is trying to say, and they are the gateway drug to this addiction we call SNOWBOARDING. So even if it's just purchasing a new shop tee, or getting your board tuned up for the season, #SUPPORT your local shop. Thank you for all your years feeding our addictions, @SnoConSeattle.

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