April 30, 2016

He damn gone done did it!  That Lucky Arm son-of-a-rig dropped the new new.  #ViewsFromTheRi6, featuring @MtSeymour, by the one ’n only, master of minds, @MattHeneghan.  Belie’da hype. Online now, #FREE. Link in the bio.

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April 29, 2016

If your in Alberta or BC this weekend go out and check one of these two DIY events. @srdsucks crew is holding a session @sunshinevillage tomorrow and the Fifth Annual #ecsinvitational is on Sunday up Mt.Seymour peak. #webeoutthere

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The annual @MissionRidgeParks migration was the shit last weekend! ...but more on that again soon. This week Super Park 20 is kickin' off. Keep an eye here and on our SnapChat for the behind the scenes scene. Snap: DWDSnowboards @IanKeay, fb in the bg. #LDOR #LastDayOnRope

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April 21, 2016

Lookin' forward to shuttin' er down at @missionridgeparks this weekend. #100LapsPark #2015 #LostEdit? #DroppinTomorrow #PurpleBorderForPrince

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Guess were we're heading back to for closing weekend.

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April 19, 2016

@IanKeay switch swervin' at the #HolyBowly sponsored by Mervin (... Actually @libtechnologies but that don't rhyme). @snowboyproductions @mammothunbound @official_batgrass Full coverage and videos from last weeks sessions on @snowboardermag .com Photo: @walshmt

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When in doubt point it at the last lip you can see and do a front three. @SeanGenovese flyin' out near the bottom of #HolyBowly. @SnowboarderMag .com posted their day 5/6 video... Check it. The A Lo line at the end is a beauty. @snowboyproductions @mammothunbound @libtechnologies Photo: @walshmt

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April 18, 2016

Trees that get in the way of you 'n #HolyBowly R gonna get run down. @BenBogart lettin' the shark loose on this one. #SharcticChallenge #HolyBowly @snowboyproductions @mammothunbound @libtechnologies # Photo: @AndrewBrewer #ZeachmanArt

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@Lucas_Ouellette slashin' #HolyBowly this last week @mammothunbound. #πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ Photo: @walshmt Daily photo and video updates on @snowboardermag .com @snowboyproductions @libtechnologies #⛪️🍜

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#HolyBowly brings out the best of them! NH lege', @LukeMath, blastin' front three with an arm around the knee. ☝🏻️✌🏻️, 🀘🏻. Check the daily recaps and videos on @snowboardermag .com Photo: @walshmt @snowboyproductions @mammothunbound @libtechnologies

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April 16, 2016

"BATGRASS AT BOWLY MOTHA FUCKAAAAAAS!!!!"... You can almost hear @IanKeay screaming it out in this shot. @official_batgrass Photo: ErikHoffman_ #HolyBowly @mammothunbound @snowboyproductions @libtechnologies

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Kickin' off another day at #HolyBowly with the master mind behind this thing of beauty, @trustkrush. Thanks for bringing everyone together and making this happen again. πŸ™πŸ» @snowboyproductions @mammothunbound @libtechnologies #⛪️🍜

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April 15, 2016

@IanKeay flyin' high, somewhere over Titty City at #HolyBowly. Check snowboardermag.com for daily updates and vids. #⛪️🍜 Photo: @e_stone @snowboyproductions @mammothunbound @libtechnologies

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April 14, 2016

Hung out at @p3freerideshop the other day. If you're in Mammoth and lookin for the goods, hit up the crew and they'll get ya taken care of! Thanks for the support, @p3freerideshop !!! 🀘🏻🀘🏻

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No babies in this cradle! @KeenanJeff high markin' at #HolyBowly. Photo: @lucas_ouellette @snowboyproductions @mammothunbound @libtechnologies

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#HolyBowly! Mid line mule kick courtesy of @SeanGenovese on the scenic route to "Titty City". Catch all the coverage and recaps from this week at snowboardermag.com Photo: @walshmt @snowboyproductions @mammothunbound @libtechnologies

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If you're around the NW this Saturday, make you way up to @timberlinelodge for The Board Games by our good friend @airblaster.

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April 12, 2016

#ChrisBrewster, @brucevapes, pokin' around on the run above #HolyBowly. Keep an eye on that hashtag this week if you haven't been already... Shits nuts! @snowboyproductions @mammothunbound Photo: @zeach_man

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The Man! The Boss, Boss Of All Bosses, C-Mac, @CoreyMcDonald! Ripping a turn in the Don Baker Banked Slalom that went down a couple weeks back and showin us around at @BogusBasinTerrainPatks the other day on our #RoadToHolyBowly. If you haven't ever been to Bogus, you should check it out! It's wicked, and the locals are some of the best!

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Stopped in and stocked up on @prestige_softserve gear in Boise the other day on our #RoadToHolyBowly. Paul 'n Greg are the shit! Make sure you go there when you're in Boise next!

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You can't teach style... You can't lose style. Ya either got or ya don't. Snowboard ledge, Boise loc, and all time dude, #GregGoulet, with style since the get go. 😎. #RoadToHolyBowly @prestige_softserve @bogusbasinterrainparks

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April 09, 2016

Trev "fly-by" Schy, getting one of 100 jump laps in on the #100LapsPark at @MissionRidgeParks on the #RoadToHolyBowly. At @BogusBasinTerrainParks today. If you're up here, come rip some laps with us!

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April 08, 2016

Day two of #roadtoholybowly was πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. Getting the legs tuned up by drawing lines at the #BomberBowlPark, @missionridgeparks. Next stop @bogusbasinterrainparks, see you there tomorrow... Then 🎢Back on the road again🎢

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Our #RoadToHolyBowly continues! @kevin_hanson yesterday at @summitparks. Today we're at @missionridgeparks warmin' up our bowl legs in the#BomberBowlPark. ... Then to Boise tonight to ride @bogusbasinterrainparks tomorrow. πŸš—πŸš™πŸš• ... And then... 🀘🏻🀘🏻

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Aaaaaaaand we're off! Dino's #RoadRoHolyBowly started out with #TrevorSchy blasting outta the ditch at @summitparks!! Today we're gonna be at Mission Ridge, Saturday at Bogus Basin, then ... 🀘🏻🀘🏻. Photo: @bigtallll

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April 05, 2016

@darrahreidm Turning & Berming at the #BakedSalmon. πŸ“· @_lemay

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April 04, 2016

@andrew_geeves taking the high line on the 2nd berm of the #BakedSalmon / Banked Slalom. Andrew broke the top 25, all results will be posted up today on the event Facebook page. πŸ“· @darrahreidm #racestance #GeevesBoard

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April 03, 2016

@corkmcnortis taking speed into the "Wild Salmon" part of the #BakedSalmon course. The banked slalom was broken into three parts: top section was the Wild Salmon, middle section was Farmed Salmon, and the bottom section was the Salmon Ladder.

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The #BakedSalmon went off yesterday. Thanks to all who came out, raced, ate salmon, and hung out. Updates today.

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April 02, 2016

We are out at The Baked Salmon / Banked Slalom today @mtseymour. Registration is at The Hut in the parking lot. Follow DWDsnowboards on snapchat for highlights of the day. #bakedsalmon

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April 01, 2016

The Launch from @snowboardermag wrapped up yesterday. A crew of Rats were down there slaying it all week. Milo Mac (@gnar_producer) letting his hoof breath in the California heat. #thelaunch2016 #GenoveseBoard #letthehoofbreath

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