October 04, 2009

Cool Story seattle premier

a few pics taken before the camera died at the seattle premier of the new Think Thank video, "Cool Story", last weekend.

dwd banner
our new banner. thanks to Pika for grabbing this out of a kids hand that had ripped it off the wall right when the premier ended and was half way out the door. two of the think thank banners didnt get saved unfortunately. there's a reward for their return over at the think thank site.

cool story premier stage
the stage was set. T-Yosh, Pika and Burtner up there giving away free shit.

the verdict is in.

some posters for Krugmire's bedroom walls.

T-Yosh joinin' the club with the perm-o-hawk. and some crazy Elvis lip thing goin on.

larson cool story part screen photo
screen photo from Larson's part in the vid. yo Lars! sometimes i get frustrated to... like when you dont send me the photos for your section on the site. ohhhhhh shit.

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