November 13, 2009

baker shots

shots from opening day at baker.
here's a good tip to everyone on how not to blow out a good spot... never say that it is good. on that note, opening day fuck'n sucked at baker and it is always crappy there and we're not sure why anyone even likes that joint.

now for some photos of the crappy day.

jeff and leanne
"take me to the spot"

pelosi devil women

baker from the road
first sight

board bases
the crappy snow was to deep so jeff had to set his stance back.

skunk apes
mervin skunk ape bro's sighting.

black outs
these 3 called each other the night before to co-ordinate outfits.

poor mans heli shot
poor mans heli shot. straight from the lift.

danny, hoglin, damon
danny, hoglin, and damone.

actual gary
actual gary. keeps it real with his dwd.

yoshida blade

keenan in the woods
jeff calls last run after making some bad turns in the trees.

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