November 29, 2009

saving for your new board

you've been slaving all Fall for your new board. the rain is falling the mountain is about to open or already has; and you still need a few more bucks. this might be a helpful tip. selling some old stuff can help you buy those new things you NEED. maybe you could sell a VHS player? people will give them away usually, but with the right packaging and the right cliental it could be worth a few bucks.

round up as many free VCR's as you can, then go through your old VHS snowboard vid collection, keep the good ones, and tape the crappy ones to the top with some packing tape to create a "package deal". then list it on craigslist, or if you live in a snowboard town it could fly at a pawn shop. make sure to title it with the words, "VINTAGE", or "THROW-BACK"... people dig that shit.
(if you can come up on any of these golden titles you may be able to use them to boost your package-deal price a little but more.)

now sit back and watch the change come rolling in. this should all get you about $10, so you might need to start quick, DWD boards are going fast!

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