December 29, 2009

seymour butts

lift line pow.
pow in the lift line at seymour

this is Matt... i met Matt in the lift line.

this is Matt's DWD. he say's it's "perfect"... he doesn't look like a liar.
matt's DWD board

solo chair ride
solo chair ride - seymour

not sure why i took this picture. maybe because i was bored riding the chairlift alone... maybe because i'm a narcissist... ...maybe i didn't know that those glasses looked so big on my head.
not sure what this was about

there was a crucial moment in this kids life where he could have picked up a pair of skis... but he didnt...
future ripper

and they hate him for it.
stand up for yourself kid!
future ripper attached

this is one of the reasons why we love doing laps at seymour.
seymour sunset2

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