February 21, 2010

get'em while you can...

we get emails from people who are looking for old boards all the time... so dont let next year roll around and wish that you had that Geno, Kwon or MAET graphic from the year before. get em now, while there's still a few around. take a look at the dealers list and if one isnt near you, hit them up and see if they'll do a phone order... most of them will. the time is now.

this also applies in Denmark and everywhere for that matter.
here's a flyer for a shop sale at Surface in Denmark. starts tomorrow.
denmark sale feb 2010

and a couple shots from a contest that they put on a little while ago, and a vid to go along with it. they do it right in Denmark.
snowpark 8000 DENMARK 1/3
snowpark 8000 DENMARK 2/3
snowpark 8000 DENMARK 3/3

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