March 17, 2011

from our friends.

this email is from our good friend David Uhara.


Dear Friends

Hope all is well with you, your family and love ones.

Please give a moment to read following comment about recent earthquake and Tsunami disaster in Japan.

As you heard, Japan's northeast reagin was hit by enormous Tsunami caused by mega earthquake last Friday. Death toll is climbing up to significant numbers.

It has been five days since this disaster took place. There are over 440,000 people staying in evacuation shelter throughout northwest region. Many people lost homes from Tsunami distraction and they are facing long and difficult rebuilding/ recovery process from this event.

There are immediate needs for blankets, shoes and warm clothes for evacuees. Temperature in this region still gets as cold as -3℃ (29°F) at night this time of the year. Many Tsunami victims need basic everyday necessities since they had to fled home without any time to avoid Tsunami... Many of them only have one pair of shoes and clothes no other personal possession.

A lot of people from US have given thoughts, prayers and donation to help support people who affected from this tragic events. I feel grateful for generosity and care that people of US is giving to Japanese victims of this disaster.

Hope you can be part of Japanese disaster relief and have your participation to support recovery of this tragic events. Please consider to support doing what you can do even with small donation or any proactive/creative approach you can think of. Any participation from you would help to provide immediate needs to victims at shelter and support recovery of communities in these regions.

I have listed following links for your reference.

Red Cross

Music for Relief

Thank you for all,

David Uehara


without a doubt, Japan is one of the best places on earth.
this st.patrick's day, when you buy your friends a round of Guiness, buy your Japanese brothers one also.

find a place to DONATE.

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