January 29, 2012


We're pleased to announce Ben Bogart as the newest member of the Dinosaurs Will Die family.

With 10 video parts behind him and a nose press worth its weight in gold, it was an easy decision to add Bogey to the pro team. On Friday during the SIA trade show we premiered the teasers for the new Think Thank video, Mind the Video Man and the DWD team video, but before we showed them we introduced Ben as the newest addition to the team and surprised him with a little gift... Ben Bogart is PRO.

Ben's Welcome video.

a few heads showed up to check it all out.

Check out the look on his face when we showed him his new board.

The crew at Birdseye have some good coverage of it on their site too. check that out at Birdseyeboardshop.com

The two newest members of the family. Ben Bogart and Chris Brewster!

Watch out for these two in the DWD team vid teaser that's about to drop next week. Keep an eye on thinkthank.com as well for the Mind the Video Man teaser that will be online any day now.

Thank you to everyone that came out and showed their support for us during SIA!

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