December 06, 2012

'Young Folk Productions'

Minus the warm temperatures that the definition of 'Incubate' call for, it would seam that Alaska is well on it's way to hatching another round of snowboarding talent. With cameras and computers at their finger tips it's even easier for young folks these days to put together a video with little or no budget and get it seen. The real challenge comes with committing to the long haul that is needed to put together a video, and taking the step from lapping the local chairlift to hiking hills and stairs in the streets. Caleb Kinnear and his crew are taking that step.

Here's a short insight into what their doing and a look at their video from this past season. Companies that make a board shorter than 140cm, open your eyes. (and 21 year old ladies pay attention... you're the next cougers and these are your future prey)

What's your name?
Caleb Kinnear

Where are you from?
Anchorage, Alaska

Who edited and filmed the vid?
We all filmed it but I edited it.

Who do you film with?
Pretty much everyone in the video.

What was your first snowboard video?
This one haha

Why did you guys make a video instead of just riding around and snowboarding all day in the park?
When we see all of the people snowboarding around Anchorage we just wanted to try hitting some of the spots and decided to hit a lot more and film.

What did you use to edit the video with?
I used Final Cut for a couple of the parts and iMovie for the rest.

How old is most of the crew?
Everyone is mostly 15 or 16 but Im the youngest and Im 14 haha.

Who's in the vid?
Trenton Davis, Ryan Roberts, Dakota McKenzie, Justin Wolfe, and Myself.

What do you think is the key to a good part?
Just being well rounded and not only hitting like downrails and get creative.

1 more question... Did you guys ever run into the Anchorage Dino crew while filming and have to battle for the spot?
Haha we actually did at kincade and we had to wait for Garrett and Larson to get their tricks, You can see my feet in the background of his shot though. ha.

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