December 01, 2013

Rat Week with Richie Conklin

If you've been paying attention to an internet feed near you, good chance you will already be familiar with most of the RATS that we're going to catching up with this week. Thanks to all of the RATS for doin' what you do because, "it's SNOWBOARDING, and what else would you do!?"

Rat Week with Richie Conklin

DWD - Where do you live at Richie?

RC - Long Beach/Big Bear

DWD - Shouldn't you be a Surfer?

RC - I like to pretend I am for a few months out of the year.

DWD - If not surfing, why snowboarding?

RC - Probably Because you can go higher and faster.

DWD - Last question, what are your plans for the season?

RC - Ride bear with the homies of course and just try to get after it filming. Hopefully take some trips and come out of the season with shots I'm hyped on. Nothing too solid yet though.


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