November 11, 2010

The Source : Insider Info

keeping it correct.
with a # of shops that rivals the # of ships in the canadian navy, Brett Sandford from The Source in Alberta Canada, gives us a hint of how it's done.


Name of the shop? The Source/
Name of person answering the questions? Brett Sandford

How long has the shop been around for?
The Source is just about to celebrate it’s 20th Birthday. In human years it’s almost legal anywhere. Barely legal pretty much everywhere else.

Who’s on your shop team?
Devun Walsh, Jed Anderson, TJ Schneider, Jake Kuzyk, Mark McMorris, Nash Lajeuenesse, Kale, Stephens, Dwayne Wiebe, Raewyn Reid, Ryan Hall, Todd Williamson, Spencer Lajeuensse, Layne Treeter, Breanna Stangeland, Dave Schmidt, Loosh, Stephen Burchill, Donn Hore

Who is the most under rated local rider?
If you haven’t heard of the names on the above list, I’d say them.

What rider has influenced snowboarding the most in your area?
We’re fortunate to have them on our team—Devun Walsh, Jed Anderson and TJ Schneider have been very influential over the years in these parts. On any given day in these parts you can catch a clone or two.

What is great about snowboarding right now?
Right now you’re seeing a time in snowboarding where only the most passionate are surviving—and that’s from all areas of the business to the riders themselves. People are riding, making products, selling products and marketing brands because they want do be there. It affects all parts of snowboarding—kids work harder to buy snowboards, professionals are working harder than ever for a smaller piece of the pie, retailers and brands need to be legit and get it to survive. It’s a great time to witness, everyone’s hungry again.

check out The Source if you're near a location, or check them online as well, where you can buy a DWD board, at

The Source (uptown)
930 17th Ave. SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 228-9112

The Source (kensington)
124 10th St. NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 270-3719

The Source (shawnessy)
16061 Macleod Trail SE
(403) 201-4521

The Source (edmonton)
17548 - 100 Ave.
Edmonton, AB
(708) 489-9476

The Source (red deer)
150 - 37400 Hwy 2
Red Deer, AB
(403) 302-9905

The Source (canmore)
102 - 630 Main St.
Canmore, AB
(403) 609-3041

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